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Help Retrofit My Dad

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Hey all, as a Christmas present, I'll be purchasing my father some new skis/bindings. He's the type of guy that will always put others before himself, and thus he is still skiing on skis he bought 24 years ago from Olin.

Now I know boots are the most important, so he'll have to go get those himself, but at least with your help, I can get him a decent ski.

For a little background...

My father is 5'11", 170 lbs, and I would say a 6-7 level skier. We ski less than 5 times a year, but in recent years he's always lagging way behind me, and I know it isn't ALL due to his skill. Most of it is the retro ski's he's rocking out right now.

So, what would you all recommend for someone who's NEVER skied shaped skis, is in his mid 50's (great health though, not even a gray hair or bad knee), but isn't looking for the most advanced-expert ski available? We ski on piste and East Coast (Gore Mountain mostly).

I want a ski that will give him most of the benefits ski technology has developed in the quarter century since he last bought his skis, BUT is also easy for him to adjust to and start taking advantage of.
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What terrain does he usually ski?
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As I specified in the post above, on piste, East Coast conditions, with our primary and most frequented mountain being Gore Mountain.

We ski everything except Double Diamonds.

Let me know if you need any more specifics, I'll be happy to provide them.
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Maybe a K2 Apache series ski? take a look at the site. according to the skis specifications and knowing Gore mountain, the crossfire and sidewinder look great for a good all mountain ski for firm snow, and lots of other arent specific to hardpack, but will do great.
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Originally Posted by IanCube View Post
As I specified in the post above, on piste, East Coast conditions, with our primary and most frequented mountain being Gore Mountain.

We ski everything except Double Diamonds.

Let me know if you need any more specifics, I'll be happy to provide them.
k, you may want to look into a ski like the Volkl Tigershark 8ft or a AC2/AC20. Both are easy to ski (my friend has an AC2), and would be great all round east skis. The Tigersharks are a bit stiffer, which may suit your dad better than the AC2/20s. Some comparable models from a few years ago would be the Supersport S3/4.
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Yes, forgot to mention we're willing and ready to buy used, so models from the last couple years would be even better than anything brand new this year.

Thanks for the suggestions so far, I'll start looking.
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Would this Solomon X Wing Tornado be a good fit for him?
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Epic supporter Sierra_Canuck is having a great ski sale.

You might ask him about what he has in stock at these prices that will suit your pa.

A couple of instructors I work with were trying to sell some Saloman X-wings last year that they were greatly disappointed in, but I don't remember which model. If you can find a Head iXRC 600 or higher at a very good price, jump on that.

Peter Keelty's $20 subscription web site, has the best reviews, including previous year's reviews, that I've seen. It is a huge help in selecting skis.

Yes, boots are the most important. If he's in some comfy old rear entry boots, get him new boots.
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Any other recommendations out there? The more options I have the better to find deals on.

Much thanks!
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head xenon 10 (or xenon 9 from last year if you can find them)

loads of shape, good edge grip for a light ski, VERY easy turning...

and a lesson to get rid of some of his no-longer-needed habits
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Unfortunately I haven't been able to find many used models of the suggested skis so far.

If anyone else has recommendations for my father, I'd really appreciate it.
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Older? Cheap?

Head iXRC 800
Dynastar Intuitive/Omecarve/Contact
Volkl 5*
Nordica Speedmachine 12 or 14, SUV 12 or 14
Atomic SX10 or so
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Are you looking other places besides Ebay? I've had some luck buying both leftover, unused skis and last year's demos from

Another suggestion, my son is about 1" and 10lbs lighter than you dad and is a level 7-8 skier; he got a pair of Rossi B2's last year and he really likes them. They are a good all around ski and work fine on eastern hardpack and in eastern hardwood forests. Lately, I have been having a hard time keeping up with him so it might just be a natural phenomenon.
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Thanks comprex and crank.

Yes, I've been checking Craigslist too and some online sites. Forgot all about Evogear, they usually do have great deals, just always seems hard to find it in the right size heh.
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There have been quite a few great options that have been mentioned for your Dad. You need to keep in mid that your Dad has not skied many modern ski and in turn you have to keep in mind that a ski with too much shape can work against you. The two options that I would recommend for you to check out is the Volkl AC20 and the K2 Stryker.

The AC20 will feel nimble and give him some great feedback as how the snow conditions are. It will also provide him with some very good edge grip for your East Coast and will allow him to really feel some great performance from it.

The Stryker on the other hand is a more forgiving ski and because of the shape it will allow him to continue with the technique that he already knows, while still allowing him to have all the benefits of a shaped ski. It is a much more "cruise" oriented ski and in return in is not as demanding but in turn will not provide him with as much performance.
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