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is two hours old. As there has been a fair amount of discussion about these liners recently, thought my experienece might be of some help.
Boots are last year's Kryptons in 26.5 (8 1/2). My street shoe are men's 10. Got about 1.5 fingers in shell fit. Skied the boots a few times last year with the stock (non-ID liner). Found the fit to be sloppy. But I am coming from a Tecnica plug with leather lace up liner which provides a vise grip.
Decided to do the Intuitions. Contacted al the local Dalbello dealers. None had the Silver liner. One called and said Dalbello was out as well. So considered the non-specific Intuition liner. Read a lot and decided on the Powerwrap - mostly because the local ski shop had them in a size 8. I called the Intuition rep in Vancouver for a chat. Told him my details. He did not think that the 8 Powerwrap would fit into that shell with such a close shell fit. He recommended the new plug or Luxury Liner which has lower volume (3 mm less), and that these new products were meant for this application. But if I could get my foot into the Powerwrap and into the boot with some purchase on the buckles, it would be ok. Also recommended against using custom foot beds when fitting, claiming the liner material will replace them.
To the shop. The size 8 Powerwrap was virtually the same length as the stock liner. Good dry run. Foot and liner in boot with no problem. Tech guy (who I know) has not done many liners, but told me exactly what the rep did re the process. Top cap under very fine sock. Cooked for about 8 minutes in oven (a little shorter than the 10 min standard - but less is better than too much). Intuition rep says they now recommend heating in the shell- probably to avoid folds. No prob with my boots because the Krypts open way wide. Foot into liner and into boot. Buckles on loose setting. Toes up on dowel for four minutes to set heel, then off for forefoot fit. Very warm and comfy - except crunch in toe box - as expected. Same on the other side. Let set for 15 minutes or so. Took boots off. Sock/toe cap off. Foot in own Chilis ultrathin sock. Buckle up. Much different that than the stock. Like the proverbial glove - but not a small glove. Not the blood pressure fit of the plug boots. Perfect forefoot fit. Totally eliminated the side to side wiggle in the stock. A bit of heel lift, but only if I am on my toes. Toe box a bit tight, but foot moves back when flex forward. Perhaps the best thing I noticed is the amazing fit at the top of the boot. I have chicken legs. Liners with tongues have always left a gap. But the wrap allows you to cinch the liner right around the leg, and the shell will follow. So NO gap = immediate contact with boot + immediate leverage.
Total cost for liners and fitting - $150 (HO HO HO discount).
Only question marks are then minimal heel lift and toe crunch. Going up to Quebec next week (Le Massif) to give them a go . Will report back.
Hope this helps