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Binding Lifters

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Does anyone make lifters for bindings anymoer? I am not talking about EPBs or anything like that...I have plastic lifters on my old solly's and was thinking they may be helpful on some of the wider mid fats (prophet 90s, mantra, etc) for groomer performance.
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Head make a 13mm plate that will lift the whole binding - maybe this is what you are after?
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The older Solly (yellow) ones work with the 912s and 914s as well.

I have a set available if you are looking for them
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They're really hard to get. I have some lift from my 912's on my Mantras and they really help hard snow quickness. Grab them if you can. I saw some on E-bay last season for a pittance, but I was too slow.
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I was thinking more along the lines of the Solly drivers because they provide the lift but dont have a whole lot of weight....does ayone know if the mounting holes on the new STHs are the same the older Drivers...in other words, will those lifters work on the new Salomon bindings?
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just picked up a pair from ebay...can't believe they had them. now the only question is whether they fit the sth14s or will I have to start looking for older 914/916s.
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