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Help / Advice for First Time Skiing in Years

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I need a little advice on how to get someone back on skis after several years. My girlfriend and I will be in Grand Targhee the second week of March. She hasn't been on skis in I would guess about 7 or 8 years. I would like to know what is the best way to ease her back in.

Here is what I know about her skiing from asking questions. Her skiing has been limited to the once year spring break trip with the church as a teenager typical of the south. Usually is was to one of the mid-Atlantic areas but was to Colorado once. I would guess she has had as many or more days on snow as me (19). I do not think she has had any more than perhaps 1 or 2 beginner lessons but she did say she spent a day skiing with a "good" skier who got her more parallel skiing than wedging. She was willing to venture down any of the slopes in the mid-Atlantic, including the blacks, but was smart enough to not try that in Colorado but instead to stick to greens and blues. Other factors. She is in pretty good shape with most exercise coming from an elliptical bike but little else. She does roller blade. Without brakes, whatever that means. She also has a good confident easy going attitude and is a bit aggressive / competitive.

My thoughts for your comment or to give better ideas.

1. Private lesson
See if I cannot arrange a private lesson for her the first afternoon skiing. This is with the idea of spending the morning hacking around on some very easy runs to get her used to being on skis again and then letting a professional work on technique and such.

2. Group lesson(s)
Sign up for group lessons at least the first day and likely the second day also. After that we'll see. We are there to have a good time and if she could cruise around and have fun after a couple of lessons fine and if she wanted to learn some more fine. The lessons are less than $40 but are also only 3 hours.

The group lessons are the lower cost alternative, depending on how many of course, and allow spreading the learning over a day or two. (or three or four) I am concerned that with the lesson beginning an hour after the lifts open that there might be any time to get reaquainted with the snow and that the first lesson might be a little wasted. But I could also go do a lesson at the same time which I want to do anyway. I think the learning might be quicker with a private but I know that I'll only be able to afford one of those. And a private, if there is an instructor available after lunch, would allow a few hours on the snow first to find her legs. So if a good instructor could teach her enough to have fun the last three days in a few hours that would be good. From talking, what we would both like is for her to be able to have fun and do well on the beginner and intermediate trails. That would allow us to ski together most of the time and to occasionally take separate ways down. I would also like comments on me tagging along for the private if we did that route. I am intermediate. I can ski most blues with more carving than skidding and I have plenty to work on. Would I be a distraction to her lesson if I paid the extra cost to make it a group of two or would a good instructor be able to handle the differing needs? The alternative is for me to take one of the afternoon group workshops while she is with a private.
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you should get ahold of bicyclekick... he had the same thing going on and things turned out great! read this small thread...


awww, you all are gonna make me get all sappy here...
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Don't get all sappy, please... [img]smile.gif[/img]

It sounds like Bicyclekick had a great time. I think I remember him posting before they went also in anticipation. That is really all I want to do is enjoy some time together in the mountains doing something fun. The diference being we'll be gone for a few days.

I was happy to here that his GF got the hang of things fairly quickly. It kind of reinforces the idea that having some time for her to get used to the snow again before any lesson would be good. And I think some sort of lesson would be important to enjoying a few days. It might get boring or frustrating for her otherwise.
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My dad skied when he was in his 30s. He started again five years ago when he turned 60. He had NOT skied for 25 years.

Muscle memory is a great thing! After he clicked in, all he needed was one green run, and after that he went on easy and not-so-easy blue runs, the only stopper being his chronic knee and lower back problems, so he had to be really gentle.

Brandon, I am sure your girlfriend will have a great time. I would suggest that a private lesson would be a better option for her if you can afford it (in some places the price is sky-high). Some resorts offer semiprivate lessons, so do your research first. If she used to be an intermediate skier, she will probably catch up to her previous level quite easily.

Enjoy and have fun!
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