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Thermal Underwear

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I am always hearing do not wear cotton for the first clothing on your skin for skiing. I didn't realize it, but I bought some thermal underware from Ken Jone Ski Mart and therey called Duofold Authentic Women's 2 Layor Originals. I notice it says
innter layer 100% cotton, outlayer 65% cotton, 25% merino wool, and 10% nylon. What gives? I have some Chillis underware that I bought. I just looked at the pants and it says 55% polyester, 22% wool, 15% polepropoline and 8% lycra for body. I wonder which ones are better. the cotton in the new thermals I bought sounds contradicting to what I always hear about cotton.
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Don't wear cotton FULL STOP - it creates a chill layer.

I avoid cotton - wear wool or fleece layers. I prefer fleece for warm(mid) layers - but wool next to my skin.

I FEEL the cold - badly - but never get cold skiing when dressed as above & as needed with a gortex shell on top.
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The cotton will hang on to some of your perspiration. A synthetic next to your skin will wick it away across the fabric layer and if your are dressed correctly, out it goes.
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There's a simple phrase in backpacking & mountaineering that goes like this:

[img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] "Cotton Kills!!!" [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Is that descriptive enough? Brands like Patagonia, Marmot, The North Face, & Lowe Alpine make fine products that have zero cotton. These are companies that provide top gear to high altitude mountaineering expeditions. They have tested all available fabrics and combinations thereof.

Good luck. whtmt

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Never cotton agaisnt the skin it asorbs and retains moisture. Unless you are in the desert then that wet layer gets cold as the moisture evaporates.
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cotton BAD. cotton BAD. cotton BAD.
cotton BAD BAD BAD for skier!

OK, I have been drinking a bit tonight, but at least if I have an accident sitting here in my $50 MARMOT POWER STRETCH tights, I'll wake up dry in the morning.

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As has been stated numerous times, cotton isn't a good first layer for activewear. It holds the moisture from sweat. Lots of good options for inexpensive non-cotton thermals can be found at campmor.com

It's a good place to stock up.
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As a multi sport athlete I highly recomend Underarmour. I play lacrosse and remember wearing cotton t-shirts under my pads and carrying around 4 pounds of sweat/moisture by the end of the game.

Freshman year of college the equipment room handed out these synthetic tops asking us to let us know what we thought, we all laughed at the silly things as we swore that we'd never throw out old grey "lucky" t shirts. There must have been 30 old smelly grey t-shirts in the garbage can after practice that day .

I have been a rabid convert ever since, when I play lacrosse I use their sleaveless heat gear, when I'm sailing I use their long sleave heat gear to protect against UV rays, when I ski I use their coldgear. Hell, I even bought some of their loosegear t-shirts just to hang out in(they were fantastic for my trip to the Mouse House in Orlando this summer).

Anyway if you couldn't tell I like the company, bunch of ex-lacrosse players who maxed out their credit cards to start their own buisness and now are starting to reap the rewards(yay capitalism! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] ) They make a superior product and have fantastic customer service, and I like to support them because they came up with the idea, did the r+d, marketed and sold the stuff, and only NOW do the big heavyweights (Nike, Reebok, Addidas, etc) flood the market with their cheaper, knock off stuff.
Check out www.underarmour.com for the details
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The Duofolds are fine, provided you don't wear a gore-tex outer layer. If you wear gore-tex or similar outer layer than that traps the sweat in your inner layers. So for cold dry weather duofolds work just fine.
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You can tell the true skiers from the gapers as they stink from wearing poly.
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