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I have a three year old pair of Nordica Speed Machine 12's. Although I enjoy them very much, I have one issue going on with my left boot that that kinda has me stumped.

I usually start the day with the buckles at a somewhat loose setting and snug them up during the day when and if needed (Usually one full turn on the top three buckes). The odd thing on my left foot is after three or four runs I get a pretty sharp pain (cramp) under my outside metatarsel close to the baby toe. I've searched the net and I believe the culprit it is the Flexor Brevis Minimi muscle. I have had the boot punced in that area (1rst knuckle on baby toe) so I know I have the room. Funny thing is as soon as I go inside and take the boot off and stretch the pain out, my foot is fine for the rest of the day skiing.

I'm not sure if the problem is caused by an issue with my boot or if there is some form of a stretch that I can do to prevent it from happening in the first place. I've tried stretching it out just by flexing it prior to skiing but it doesn't seem to help. It's almost like the muscle has to cramp up, before I can fix it and make it go away.

I have custom superfeet cork beds, but ditched them in favor of the green ones (A little softer underfoot).

I appreciate any advice that any of you folks would be able to pass my way.

Thanks and take care.

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is your foot overhanging the footbed?
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My foot is not over hanging the foot bed.

I should explain that I ski in the east, primarily ski blacks aggressively, hence I love to carve turns as opposed to straight-lining. I was thinking that It may be just be the stress I put on that area of my foot when repeatedly tipping the skis on edge. Confusion kicks in cuz it only happens only on the one foot.


It may just be that I'm approaching 50 and this old bag of bones ain't getting any younger.
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I would take a close look at the footbed, either the cork or the trim to fit may not be a good match for you foot. I am thinking reduce (eliminate) the lateral arch on either footbed.

Perhaps a Baby Huey is in order.

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I'm gonna have to ask you to expand on "Baby Huey".

I've googled it without much luck. Is it a brand or model of footbed ?


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is it better or worse with the toe buckles looser or tighter?

what about with or without a footbed?
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Looser = Better

My forefoot is pretty snug laterally (Not uncomfortable though)so I don't tighten bottom buckle very much at all.

Haven't tried the stock footbed ... maybe I should ...


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what about with the toe buckles OFF (not just loose, but not being used at all) is that skiable that way?
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I could probably ski them without buckle done up.

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great, problem solved?
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