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What do you think of this idea?

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While munching on a blackened cajun catfish sandwich last night I had an idea for a thread. Perhaps it's idiotic so let me know. If it is I'll go back and order something else...(the black angus burger?)

I was thinking about how you keep things going here as people disappear or there's no hot emotional topic that people really want to comment on?

We could have a continual thread that's sort of historical. People could pick topics: skiers, "historical" turns (like mambo etc), or even "hysterical" turns, some sort of technology -early boots, bindings etc.; pretty much whatever.

Then you post something on that topic, doesn't have to be much. You keep a copy on your computer. Once it's posted others can comment on it and add knowledge to "your" topic. You can copy these posts and paste them in your own file. That way it's all in one place. (anyone could do this too)

For example. I saw this video on Utah skiing. They had something on Earl Miller who seems to pretty much have invented the releasable binding, and definitely the ski brake. (This was '63? for the brake). So I would find something out then post it. People could comment and add stuff they know, maybe someone's even used that early stuff. There would also be other topics at the same time to keep it interesting.

When we get people who "drop by" from time to time who've got a lot of knowledge, they could check the topics and post something. (Edgreen, Ron lemaster etc.) This would give them a lot more incentive to stop by and post because they'd know there'd always be something interesting waiting. So even if there's a flame war going on they could go over there and add to something they commented on before.

The problem would be how to organize such a thing. I was originally thinking just the regular thread style which would work, but would become quite lengthy and difficult to find stuff. But perhaps we just start that way? Also where do we put it?

well, I've got to go eat something else now...
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What did they put in that catfish???
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Better yet - where did you get that catfish? I want some of that..

** AC, Since stuff like this (not related to skiing, or even any sport at all) does not clearly belong to any of the categories.. how about a new 'Random Subjects' or something like that (although I guess that is the intent of the General Ski Discussion.. maybe it should just be General Discussion (not just ski)
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Sounds like a Doug Adams 4th book of a trilogy
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I'll bet mom told you not to eat so close to bedtime. It can give you wacky dreams.
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BTW I do like the idea.
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Really man you gotta get some sleep!!! (and you need to check your Epicski emails)

Deep yogic breaths...
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No, tonight it's the Hydroponic Argentinian Beef Burger on a cracked wheat pita with jalapeno and tuna compote.
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hmm. I would like to see those hydroponically grown cows!!

Deep yogic breaths...
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I don't think you would. Since there's no need for grazing, their legs are...well...not quite there.
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How do you milk 'em under water?

How do you even get a bucket under 'em if their legs are all shriveled up?

BTW, do they turn in the water if they lift one of those tiny legs?
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Ever hear of "milking stools ?"

That's how, of course you need some pullies, and straps, and a winch to lift those babies out of the water.
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Just what do you do for a living? Your posts have got me cracking up and they are well................... quite..... er..... unique?

BTW........... I spent some time as an aquaculturist ........... you don't wanna know what we fed to those cats......... makes me shudder ........ but on the other hand, it does explain your unique perspective.
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Yeah, he certainly is unique!
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D-chan: A Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy fan?

You and Mark are going to get along famously!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Guys, guys...it's not that complicated! Remember, the cow is in "water" (that's the complicated part) and one person can easily move it around. (esp. since you won't get kicked). As for the milking, well these are the other sex so that's not a problem! I wouldn't call them "Bulls" though - nobody is going to be running for their lives down narrow alleys trying to get away from these "guys"!

Oh! I better get to the restaurant before it closes. I told them I wanted to try the Hydroponic Beef tonight. Don't ask where this place is...I swore I wouldn't mention it. (Ya see it's still not approved by the FDA. In fact, the FDA doesn't even know about these "guys". In Argentina though, it's allright. Of course everything with the word "Beef" in it is approved in Argentina...

But shh... here's the scoop. The "cattle" comes in all set up in the special containers with all the hydroponic gear. They're unloaded in Port Elizabeth and taken to Hoboken where they're put into an old (what else) meat processing plant. They maintain some there and some are floated across the river on the train barges and hauled into Brooklyn. So they've got a few containers in Red Hook, Brooklyn. (Actually near where my car was towed to. This is how I first found out about it but that's another story..)

This system allows for the absolute freshest meat to reach the few restaurants that serve it. (None will say what it is though, since they know how Americans are and don't want protests with people dressed as cows chanting and throwing stuff outside their doors) They're trying it at Peter Luger’s, one of the best steakhouses in the whole city, located in Williamsburg Brooklyn. (make sure to take a cab there-it’s a pit) Luger’s just calls it "special Argentinian Beef". From what I’ve heard, it’s Giuliani’s favorite right now.

I don't know about that jalopeno and tuna compote with the beef though. The chef, Carlos, swears buy it though and says he uses only fresh tuna. I asked him "It's not Hydroponic Tuna is it?" He assured me it's not, though he wanted to have the tunas and the cattle in the same tank when they were shipped. The problem (much to his dismay) is that tunas and cattle have completely different diets! They actually developed a compromise diet for both (which wasn't too good) but you see tunas are well...feisty and kind of mean! The cattle just didn't stand a chance in the same tank.

Carlos is really pushing hard for me to invest. He says for 10 grand I can get a share of the business and 70% of the profit on two containers of cattle.(That's 5 cattle in each container). I said, "Doesn't that come with the tunas too?" He told me if I got in now they'd throw in one whole tuna! (those guys who sell baseball cards on tv swear one tuna alone is worth 10 grand so I think this must be a really good deal)

Carlos and company (I can’t tell you their real name) are totally convinced this is going to be huge. I questioned this, that since the FDA hasn’t approved it, and in fact doesn’t know it exists yet I didn’t see how it could go too far. Carlos said the FDA was an anachronistic organization and launched into a lengthy discussion of it. I must say I was impressed by his knowledge of that organization. (It turned out that before he was a chef he was a beef inspector). He wrapped up by saying it really didn’t matter, that they were going to skirt the issue for a while till they built up momentum. I said this sounded illegal. He said not to worry about it, drugs were plenty illegal and people were making a fortune, and any penalty for raising hydroponic cows would be just a small fine. Besides, their big market right now is the Middle East.

This caused me to raise an eyebrow... Carlos went on to tell me how not a lot of people know about it, but one of the reasons the fighting in Israel is so intense is that the Israelis have refused to share this hydroponic cattle technology with the Palestinians. I was dumbstruck at this, but he went on. One of the founders of this technology is actually an Israeli who used to work for the Mossad. (the secret intelligence agency). Because of the shortage of land and the large amount of land needed for cattle Mossad had actually been looking into this in the 60’s. Then all those wars intervened with more important stuff to do. Also, it wasn’t until hydroponics were proven for plants by the California underground marijuana industry that people started to take it seriously. I said "Yeah, but those were plants not animals!" He said yeah but this was Mossad who had a lot more access to high technology than some long haired pot grower with a few plants in the basement.

Anyway, turns out this Hydroponic Beef is pretty successful in Israel, though still hush hush. Officially, the Israeli government will "neither confirm or deny" the existence of this technology. However, everyone over there has no doubts about it. (They’ve eaten it) But here’s the problem, since it works so well and requires almost no land the Palestinians are furious that Israel is controlling this and won’t give them access. The Palestinians figure they could really get a handle on the food supply/cost situation and become much more independent with this. (Yeah it requires some electricity but they can handle that) But the real kicker to them is they know the technology for lambs is right around the corner. Carlos said this was true, that they’re working on it, that it was actually more difficult than the beef due to the thick wool coat etc.. (He didn’t know all the details)

The kicker is that when it works out, raising the Hydroponic Sheep will be far more efficient and cost effective than the cattle. Plus, lamb is huge over there. Our hamburgers are like their schwarma sandwiches. That’s sliced lamb that rotates on a spit and is put in a pita bread with other stuff. I’m telling you they’re delicious. Carlos makes them and they’re awesome (no, he’s not using hydroponic lamb - yet). Anyway that’s huge over there, plus the fact that this Hydroponic Sheep system can be done on large and small scales, well it could change everything.

Carlos says I can’t afford to get in on that action. He says it’s 15 grand now and don’t even think about getting a tuna for that price! I don’t know, it’s more but the potential payoff is huge. (there wouldn’t be as big an outcry against hydroponic sheep compared to cattle also). I asked him if they’re trying fish with the sheep. He said they’ve experimented but have found out that any fish in the container can’t be more than 1/10th the mass of the sheep. (This certainly eliminates the tuna). This had it’s advantages though. In Israel they’re excited because the hydroponic sheep could be raised with gefilte fish in a completely Kosher environment their entire lives! This would enable a special rating by the rabbiis and would allow them to charge much more for the product! Everyone makes out....(This is the sign of a good investment I think)

Oh, by the way, the animals are not totally in the dark. The special containers have a translucent polycarbonate roof that gives them the full daylight spectrum.

I think this is a super deal and since I missed being "in on the Palm beta" (damn that PMTSWacko!) I don’t think I should miss this opportunity. Since I’m new at this, and will have to sell my car to raise the cash (Carlos swears he’ll let me borrow his if I really need it) I thought I’d ask what you guys thought about it.

Tonight Carlos wants me to commit. I’ve got no money right now, but I think for a "commitment" I’ll give him have my poster of Trygve Berge skiing that I bought on ebay. (seems Mr. Berge is huge in Argentina...)

Oh geez it’s late, I’m going to have to eat on the loading dock. I’d better call Carlos...sorry! got to run!...

[ya know, I never should have had that catfish...]
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Tog, love chapter one, laughed my ass off! Like the GOON SHOW! You really crack me up, which makes me wonder...when hydroponically grown cows laugh...does milk come out their nose?
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1:38 am, and in New York City, and this is how his mind works! Someone find this guy a girlfriend, please! No wait a minute, its 1:45 am in Boston, husband, greyhound, 2 cats, SOUNDFULLY {szzzz!!!} asleep.
Maybe I'll go count some hydroponic sheep!
Night, night.
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Hey Robin! Ya' think we should tell JR about this hydroponic stuff?

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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I think she was just starting to like me! Let's let sleeping dogs (hydroponic or otherwise)lie. Bye the Bye Tog, sleep is a good thing!
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So Tog, when is the IPO date.
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Douglas Adams,
anybody got a towel?
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Robin: How in God's name can someone not like you?

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Take a load off Annie..........

Take a load for free.

Take a load off Annie.


Ya put the load right on me....

hydroponically speaking that is!
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