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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Today was another great day. Started off with mixed clouds they the opened up, we got a good 3-5" on the top of the mountain. I will say finndog has skied as well as I ever have seen him ski.

This poor kid was skiing on K2 J Two skis with Tyrolia 150 bindings....and safety straps! Rule of thumb, gear should not be 4x your age.

Finndog attacking the mountain:

Some more air...

"The Bet", anyone want some of this action?...Ron bet Ed that he would not buy any more skis this season.
I'm in!
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
who'd guess it? I hooked up with a former Icelantic rep when I saw he also had a pair of Shaman's that powder AM, I bought a pair of demoed Nomad's and my friend Gary got the Pilgrims. What a blast. Gary, who used to ski everything on SS's announced that "he might just bring the Pilgrims only to J-hole in January" Phil and I are proud to convert another to the dark, fat side....

Pics to follow.....
Although the Pilgrims are 90 underfoot,they carve beautifully and ski more like a GS ski. Gary carves them like a much narrower ski, Icelantic makes a great ski.
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Day 6: Some freshies from last night. A bit of physical and mental fatigue set in and got tired early on and really didn't have my mojo. Quit early. Finn & Gary stuck it out a bit longer.
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Phil skied full-on, balls to the wall for 5 straight days, ripping it in tight trees, pow and vw bumps. I owe him big time for teaching me correct bump technique. Nothing seems to phase him. Here's to ya' bud. Much thanks!!!!!!
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Wish I could have met up with you guys and shaken hands. We got here Friday night. Saturday was brutal at the top of the mountain, though we moved back down the mountain and it was pretty good.

Today was excellent. Temps were chilly but with no moisture in the air and no wind, it was perfect.

I don't know if Morningside was open while you were here, but it was great fun today. Plenty of untracked, deep powder.

I'm amazed how light the crowds are. We've been practically skiing right into every lift.

Thanks for leaving a little snow for my boys and me. I enjoyed following your trip report.

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Shoot Finndog a PM, he is still there.
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PM sent.
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