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Belleayre, NY Dec 13-14 trip report

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Skier_j took part in the ASIA meeting over the weekend, and I tagged along.

Comprex and Batgirl joined us for weekend skiing and we shared the 'Log Cabin from Hell', which will be chronicled in the Lounge, because I don't have a very good report on our lodgings and would hate to scare anyone away from this fine establishment.

Let's just say that if you enjoy vermin everywhere, this is the lodging for you. We heard the line "Hey, it's the Catskills......they're coming in this time of year" and while that is a reason, it's no damn excuse for finding mouse shit in your bed, on the salt, in the silverware and in the stinkin fridge. Pictures in the lounge a little later tonight.

Skiing was BEAUTIFUL. It was cold on Saturday, but not overly so. This was the view from the top:

There were enough runs open to make it really nice and spread people out.

Most of the day, it wasn't crowded. This is under the Super Chief quad by the lodge.

Unfortunately, there were not many ways down from the top that were open.

The ice on the trees was amazing! When the sun was shining, it was diamond brilliant.

Each tree was encased in ice. Don't mess with Mother Nature or she'll kick your ass big time.

Lots of empty spaces to ski on. Gotta love that!

This was around 1 pm on Saturday.

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Guess whose coat took a dip in a ditch? It wasn't me.

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Here's a puzzle: find the lame gaper item in the Heapin' Helpin' Accoutrements.

Hint: it probably belongs to this woman:

Stuck? How about a zoom in.....
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Thanks Bonni for the photos. I just love iced trees! I'll probably be there next weekend for my first skiing of the year. Thank goodness I won't be staying in Hell- my sister-in-law lives near by.
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You are indeed lucky. I'm still nauseated.
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Nice photos, wish I could have joined you. The place looks wide open, no crowds, unlike my skiing last weekend. I will be visiting comprex and Batgirl at their home next weekend.

Are you still planning to ski the great Mid-Atlantic?
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We are. We're looking for something to do over Christmas weekend, as Jeff has 4 days in a row to blow. Got ideas?
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Well, the most hill and terrain in town is Seven Springs. The best snow is Hidden Valley but not so tall. I've been to both and if temps are good for snow making they both will have all of their terrain open.

Whitetail, Liberty or Roundtop are closer to Batgirl and comprex but I'm still game. There's Wisp in Western MD too. However, if we get good natural coverage Blue Knob is a nice option for vertical, length of trail, scenery, remoteness, and challenge and the chance to see a big wind farm in operation on a near ridge. Tell me if this is acceptable green power and why after viewing, if we go.

I should be good any day of the week baring unforeseen refrigerator break downs (like today). Weekends will probably get you the entire family. Weekdays I'll try to bring my daughter and my elder sidekick Marcus. You can tell him I called him old when you see him.
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That's a pretty sweet SkiTote! I still wish I had mine!
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I'll talk to Jeff and see if he's interested in another weekend of skiing and travelling. I'd love to tell Marcus you said he's old. I remember him from the first ESA.

I still want that hat of yours.
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