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Nolo. How much snow is on Big Sky right now? How do we look for Fall Festival compared to last year?

I'm getting pretty excited to go skiing. Unfortunately, DCE training will be my first turns of the year!!! Terry Peak just got about 3 or 4 inches of snow, and it's finally cold enough to make some snow, so we're not opening until the 6th of Dec.

See you there.
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Just got back from Big Sky. Bad news, they are way behind last year in snow especially in the upper mountain & bowl area. The only runs open were Lower Mr. K....a definite green and Ambush which is a fun blue cruiser. Both runs had great coverage of man-made snow. It looks like they are snow farming in an attempt to get Elk Park Ridge open...another fun cruiser run. As for the rest of the mountain, they need a foot or more of wet snow before I'd even take my most beaten rock skis up there. We are suppose to get snow this week so hopefully things will improve.