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Best day of the season so far. I know, I know, I work there.

But really, when they and other places lost power noonish on Friday. Okemo called in the groomers. When I got on snow at 8AM the surface was like cold Jan snow. I brought out my son's Volkl P60SL's expecting the worst. Man was I amazed.

Some of the lifts didn't open until late morning but what that did was give us fresh tracks all day long.

The crowds were light until around 2:30ish at the Northstar. I skied a number of runs non stop at speed. It was awesome. Some of the stand out run's were Upper/Lower Limelight non stop, also had 2 out of 3 non stops on Noreaster with not another skier on the run. On the the second blast down Noreaster there were 4 other skiers.

The only bad choice of the day was Lower Timberline. Had a couple of buddies behind me when I cranked a big left turn onto the run to find it why I chose the SL skis. It was a little frim and a BIG surprise.

Sunday I didn't get on snow until 1:10PM had to work The surface was frozen grandular with a mid Mt fog. I was assigned to Glades peak area for the afternoon. I went in to the boss at the end of the day to say thanks for sending me there. The sun was out and the snow off the Glades peak chair was nice. Not many people skied over there beacuse it's a slow chair and not much is open yet.

Don't tell anyone but RimRock has been in nice shape for a couple of weeks. Be careful of the rollers, some will launch you.

I did have one chair ride with Lee a friend of Phil's along with his wife and friend. We had a great chair ride and laughted alot.