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TR: Sarajevo 2005

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Thought I would let you all in on a little secret regarding skiing in Sarajevo....it is EPIC!

I went for 3-4 days in 2005 and had a wonderful time. The trails ranked up their with the best they have in Europe with great steeps and some nice bumps further up towards the peak.

Only issue is that I wouldn't go off-piste quite yet. There is always talk of old minefields but in most cases that is an over blown issue. When I was there all the lifts were working and they had a functional ski patrol and dining facilities at the base.

Beyond the mountain having great skiing and good facilities the city itself is wonderful with great food and clubs. Prices are obviously great and I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to have some of their great beer "Sarajevsco Pivo".

So for those that did not know, I would make sure you add Sarajevo back to your list of ski destinations. Make sure you take the time to hit up Mostar as well.




One word of caution, do not rent a car that is expensive, odds are it will be stolen.
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I've just read your post and I am so glad someone mentioned my hometown on this forum. I live on the East Coast now, but Bjelasnica and Jahorina were first mountains I ever skied. Sarajevo had great position between the mountains, 30-45 minutes to some really cool skiing.
All the facilities and trails were spruced up for Winter Olympic Games in 1984, than a lot was destroyed during the '90s and now the things are back up. I was there last year in fall, went up to see how it looks now. Had Sarajevsko Pivo on the terrace overlooking olympic downhill finish line.
One of these days I'll go back and make nice trip report...
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For those of you considering skiing in Eastern Europe, I would take a look at a few other places before Sarajevo, Bosnia. The overall political instability and lack of (North American) tourist ready facilities in Bosnia would cause me to reconsider. Take a closer look at Slovenia (Kranjska Gora or Maribor), Bulgaria (Bansko) or Serbia (Kopaonik). All are wonderful ski areas accommodating to Western European and/or North American skiers. Accommodations and lift ticket prices are incredible and the food is beyond awesome!
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