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Jay Peak 12-13-08

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This is my 1st time posting trip with pics, so excuse me if these did not come up correctly.
Anyways this was my day trip to Jay Peak 12-13-08
Here was my day (My first time to Jay Peak)
Jump in my car in New Jersey at 8:45 Friday Night
Get to the Jay Peak parking lot 3:30 am
Recline the car seat Bundle up sleep to 6:30
In line for Tram at 8:30 but Tram doesn't leave till 9
Ski from 9 to 3
Drive home, get back and get back at 10:00
I can't compare this to other days at Jay Peak since it was my first time, but it was awsome not only for early season skiing, but for anytime of the year. The place was almost empty. The glades are awsome and a lot larger than they look on the trail map. Conditions varied all throughtout the mountain. On the top near the tram on cut trails, there was ice that was harder than I have seen anywhere. However, with the exception of these areas there were areas in the woods with spots up to thigh high snowdrifts. On the trails there was about 8 inch powder with slightly crusty top. Nice small moguls started to set up as the day went on. The temp was freezing, low single digits with a strong wind at the top.
Next stop, Calgary based three days of skiing 12-24 to 12-28

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Cool pics but they need a bigger size!

3 hours of sleep... holy shit...
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Thanks for your report. Jersey to Jay and back in 25 hours must be some kind of record. It looks like you have some good shots but they are too small to see. Try increasing the size of them on snapfish or posting them again using Photobucket.com. Once you upload them to Photobucket, there is no need to change the size.
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Nice report. That's a hard core trip! Bigger pics would be good too.
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Hardcore. Thanks for the TR!

Oh and bigger pics... (I didn't want to be the only one who didn't mention it!!)
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David in your photo album click on each pic to blow it up and then right click on it. Right clicking on the thumbnails get you these really small pics.
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thanks for the photo tips,
check back later
When I get a chance later after work I'll try again to get larger photos up.
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Here is another attempt
There are some random people in the shots to try to give better scale of the area. I wish I didn't have to take my mittons off to shoot the camara( it was darn cold).

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7 hours each way... That's insane.

Awesome pictures. I wasn't sure how the conditions would be after all the icing that happened in New England. Looks like Jay got mostly snow.
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much mo betta...

That first pic looks like a ton of fun!
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Dave, nice pics! I was there too, and caught one of the first trams up after they finally opened it. Unfortunately my cell died on me, so I didn't get your message until I was heading home. Maybe next time!

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Thanks for the great pics.
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Wait a minute. You drove for 6.5 hours and then slept for a measly two before skiing for the day and then driving AGAIN 6.5 hours?

How did you not fall asleep behind the wheel?

When I ski in the Catskills it takes me 2.5 hours of driving on the way back and I pull over to snooze.

You are da man!

I applaud your adventurous spirit, though.

You really wanted snow! LOL
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I was planning to take more breaks on the road, but the adrenaline kept me going.
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When you're stoked, you're stoked, I guess!

Great shots, Jay looks awesome!
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