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And that way you can pull a job on the way home.
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You know it!

Lift ticket prices are just a few bucks away from highway robbery, so why not join in the fun? It's a great way to recoup your investments in gear and gas, and sometimes you even get to work on your stamina while making a getaway! I'm just trying to multitask as best I can (make sure you aren't wearing your ski boots during a robbery, btw)!

(not to mention one time when I used a friend's season's pass, and nobody bothered wanting to see if my face matched up with the one on the card.)
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My wife and her sister are virtually identical. Let's just say, it's no coincidence they never ski together.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
Hey, Richie... Sunday evenings are often a bit of a junk-show, I was rushing a bit to get the heck out of dodge, at least I got the doors locked properly...

I was sorta hoping you'd come by and see the HEAD full-face.

Hey Mike are all those HEAD helmets made by Leedom? How much is that full face going for, I think I need a new helmet, mine seems to have packed out a bit and could be a little more snug.
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Richie, the next one really needs a custom paint job. Flames or some sort of Vargas ski girl? Like a WWII airplane girl?
Pin Stripes at least, with a name. Maybe yours on one side, your fiancees on the other and a family slogan?
Possibly the new helmet could have a bug deflector too?
Surely ya know a guy on Long Island who can do it!

This is Vargas:
"Hey could I get something like this but with her on skis?"

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I was going to get the current one custom painted but wasn't so keen in spending $300 on a paint job that the "safety bar Nazis" would slam down on and chip. If I get this new HEAD helmet I might have no choice though since its flat black and is just begging for some flames...its just the right thing to do!
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post
I've said it before, will say again. If Richie didn't exist, we'd have to invent him. And think how much work that would be...

I'm quite relieved with truth.
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The guys at Race STock Sports have lots of custom painted helmets. So if you are wanting to do that, they could tell you where.
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