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What would you think?

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I was in a shop looking at skis and bindings, and I overheard the owner working very hard to sell some new boots to a customer. He explained how they put the liner in special oven, and heat it, then put it in the boot, and it conforms to the foot... etc etc.
The customer didn't buy.
A few minutes later a woman came in with those exact same boots, explained that they'd never fit well since she bought them there, and asked if they'd reheat the liners and try to improve the fit.
The owner looked right at her and told her that the oven was broken, and they can't do any heating of liners until it's fixed. And he didn't know when that would be.
What would you think of the owner, and his business?
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I think that explains my opinon.

I hope you didn't purchase anything from them.
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And you didn't jump in and ask why he was dishonest?
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I hope that you gave the woman the name of a reputable bootfitter\shop so that she could get her boots worked on.

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did you hear the owner tell customer 1 that they could mold the liner that day??

To me that is a missing and valuable piece to the puzzle as stated.
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Originally Posted by Phlogiston View Post
What would you think of the owner, and his business?
I assumed that this is a business in your hometown. If so, why was that a surprise? Even more so, why would anyone care? Seriously though, you might be one of the few that does -- sorry to say.
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It was a shop near Hunter. I often stop in after a day of skiing and browse at shops. I look at skis and bindings, then when I get home look up reviews of those skis, and their prices, for comparison. It's window shopping, really, and I enjoy doing it.
Last year I demo'd a number of different skis; didn't buy any of them, and I'm back on my ratty old K2 Escapes and even Older Heads, this year.

Since I was tired at the time, it didn't occur to me to follow the woman out of the store and try to speak to her.
Eventually, I suppose she'll realize that the store that sold her the boots isn't going to do anything for her, and she'll go someplace else.
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