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Wax Report: Belleayre NY, 13&14 December 2008

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13 December: Air temps 22F at base lodge, significantly colder with wind at top. Snow is hardpack with 0-2cm of freshly blown (straight out of the guns) snow on top, mixed with older granular scrapings.

Wax: Maplus Race Base Medium, ironed, scraped, horsehair brushed by hand.

Glide: Excellent. No squeaking. No slow down in surface transitions.
It was actually really hard to have slow skis in these conditions, almost any semi-hard wax would have worked.

Base wear: none observed at end of day.

14 December: Air temps 31F at base lodge. Moderate to low wind at top. Snow is softened hardpack with 3+cm of freshly blown snow, spindrift and granular scrapings

Wax: Toko moly universal / NOBI red crayoned 50/50, corked, nylon brushed.

Glide: Good to very good. No noticeable slowing in transitions from softpack to slough piles. Skis were significantly slower and grabbier when skating directly under the snow guns.

Base wear: Light wear noticeable near the edges after 7 top to bottom runs (i.e. before lunch). I was NOT happy about that.
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Liquid or solid?

A little colder today than your Saturday with some fresh on man made with a layer of dust brought in by high winds making a tan tint to the snow. The RB Soft & Hard worked great as did the Med on another pair of skis.

Dumping now....hopefully through Thursday!
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Originally Posted by Alpinord View Post
Liquid or solid?
Sorry. Solid.
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This kind of report is very helpful. The more I learn about waxing, the more I learn that I need to learn.
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Regarding the Maplus Racing Base Soft & Hard combo experiment for additional info and general consumption:

After taking a stab at flattening (cupped tips and tails) and restructuring my Havocs with a Ski Visions Base flattener/structuring tool. This removed a fair amount of base material and most, if not all, of any wax.

I decided to do the bare minimum waxing to see how it glided and held up. After brushing out the structuring with a brass and a steel brush, I cleaned with Bio Citron and nylon utility brush. Then liberally dripped on and ironed (130°C) the RB Soft and let it puddle and sit a while, then light hot scraped to remove additional loose base material and repeated. After scraping, I left a thin layer on and hot smeared a moderately thin layer of RB Hard and ironed several passes. Let it sit and harden. Then scraped, roto brushed for a bit with brass, hard horse hair and then polished to a uniform sheen with the soft nylon.

The gliding was impressive. The jury is still out on durability until more runs on abrasive snow. With the new snow, that should be several outings before wear will be evident.
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