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Suction Cup Ski Rack?

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Anyone have any experience with these?

I'm a little nervous to use them but I can't think of anything else to use with my altima coupe.
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I used one about 20 years ago, and it worked OK. Have you checked with your Nissan dealer or looked for a shop that specializes in sports racks?

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Could you use a magnetic one?

I've used one in the past (can't use it now as the car has a glass roof)
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I used one of those magnetic racks too... Very old school!
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Does anyone even make suction ski racks anymore? I haven't seen one in ages.
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We used one once. If you mount it to ONE window the way they show it, the skis are dangerous!! We ended up putting one on the front window, and one on the rear. It wroked great except that you could only get in and out on one side of the car.
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Originally Posted by mmckimson View Post
I used one of those magnetic racks too... Very old school!
I remember those - seemed pretty cool. Did they actually work?
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I would not use the suction cup window ones on a car with a frameless windows design.
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Magnetic definitely works. Never tried suction rack.
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I actually stumbled across a link to another forum post which talks about a hybrid magnet/suction cup that I think I'm gonna pick up.
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