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Binding Dillemna, suggestions?

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I just picked up a pair of Dynastar Trouble Maker Limited's in 175 off Tramdock.

I'm 6 foot, 190 lbs, 28 years old, and my everday ski is an Elan M666 in a 178 mounted with Look PX12's.

I bought the TroubleMaker because I wanted a fun twintip to use in bumps and just playing around with at low speed, maybe in the trees, etc. I knew I was going short, but want something that will be VERY light and quick turning. I have no plans to use them in the park, but would enjoy popping 180's or 360's off a mogul (used to do it as a teenager). I have no desire to carve high speed arcs, or even ever take these skis up to speed, as I'll leave that to my Elans.

Anyway, I bought the ski without bindings, and was thinking I'd mount a pair of new in box Salomon S810 TI AXE's I've had sitting in a box for 3 years or so. I originally bought them to put on a pair of skis I had ordered off backcountry for the wife, but the skis were stolen en-route, and I wound up getting her a different ski with a binding system.

The ski's DIN only goes to 10, and I would probably set it at that. I've done a lot of reading, and maggots over at TGR give the bindings thumbs down for advanced skiers. Am I just going to break the binding at my weight skiing bumps? Am I risking death or serious injury by pre-releasing after every bump on a low-end binding (that's a little tongue in cheek)?

Could I realistically sell a three year old (but never opened) binding to a lighter, less aggressive skier (ie. any demand for that sort of thing)? If so, what would I get instead? Anyone have any links to good deals on a better (yet still lightweight) binding, maybe under $100 (given I spent less than $200 on the skis)? Should I just man up and spend the dough for a high-end, lightweight binding (does such a thing exist, or are most high-end bindings heavier?)?
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You will probably break the S810's jumping and skiing bumps on them while set at 10 din. Buy other bindings. Best option would be true look turntables, like the p15, fks155, p12 race, fks120, etc - ebay or TGR.

You can probably get decent money of the s810's on ebay.
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You can pick up a Tyrolia 2006 LD 12 Railflex for only $89 bucks or the Head RFD 14 Ski Bindings for $139 (plus $15 for shipping either).
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