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Gift of skis advice

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Hello. I would like to purchase all mountain skis and bindings for my husband 6'5' 235lb. I know it is much preferred for him to choose his own. The problem is that he works 15-17hrs a day and can't go himself. He is pretty easy going and will just be happy to be able to get out there even if the equipment is not the perfect chice.
He is an advenced skier. He's from Germany and has grown-up skiing in the Alps. He enjoys alpine and telemark skiing. He is a fast skier and likes moguls and spends a good deal of time off the trails.
We have just moved to Western NY and he will mainly use them in the area, but hopefully a couple of times per year in the Alps.
Please, can someone give me advice on skis and size and bindings. I know little about choosing ski gear. I have seen some very good deals on Dynastar legend 4800 or Volkl AC40?
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What is he skiing on now?
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Dynastar 4800 is really and intermediate ski so those won't work at his height and weight.

Volkl AC40 would work for him. He needs skis at least in the upper 170's length at his weight if not in the 180's.

Some of the Head skis would also likely work for him. Check out the Supershape Magnum, IM78 and IM82. Again at least high 170's or low 180's in length.

Good luck.

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I'm gonna highjack this thread. I've been skiing for like 35 years. No one has ever given me a pair of skis as a gift (though, to my wonderful wife's credit, she has given me bindings, boots and a catski trip, so I have nothing to complain about there). Still, a classic gift for a ski guy. So if anyone out there was unsure about what to get me this holiday season, now you know. Just saying. Back to originally scheduled programming.
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I will throw out a couple recommendations based on what you described of your husband and his skiing (age would factor in too, if you care to share that). These are all skis that I would pick (or have picked) for myself.

Dynastar Legend 8000 with Look PX 12 bindings, 184cm. These are available as a package with integrated "Fluid" bindings which is a good way to keep things simple. The bindings can easily be adjusted for any boot size.

Head iM78 or iM82 with Head/Tyrolia LD12 bindings, 183cm.

These are all high-end skis that do everything pretty well, and I don't think any skier could go wrong choosing them. Note I am picking the 180+ cm length range because he is a big guy. I would not go shorter on these types of skis.

Good luck!
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First, buy him a $20 subscription to http://www.realskiers.com/. Their ski reviews are the best I've seen. Let him read the reviews and pick the skis to buy...better yet, let him make a demo list of skis to try for near-future purchase.

With just the info you've given, the Head iSuperShape Magnum, 177 cm sounds like a great choice.
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I'm a big guy as well (6'5", 260lbs), and I agree with the advice to go long on the skis for your husband. I don't have advice on which skis to get, but will say there are some good deals (to me, anyway) to be found on the Head Monster 78s and Dynastar Legend 8000s that some have been recommending.
  • locknload has (or at least had) a pair of barely used Legend 8Ks in 184s for sale at a good price. They will need to be remounted, as they are flat. If interested, you should PM him for details.
  • Every now and then, the Head Monster 78s show up on Tramdock for something like $285 new. These will be flat, so you would need to buy some bindings (e.g., RFD12 or Mojo 12/15) and have them mounted.
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softsnowguy's advice is the best. I am an expert here because I was once given a pair of skis by a girlfriend. She went with recommendations from the guys who worked a good shop based on what type of skier I was, height and weight, etc. I had even skied with these guys once. It was awkward because the skis were good, but they were not the type of ski I liked. They were strong and solid and stable and smooth at high speeds and handled like a big luxury car. I prefer a more responsive and softer,easier turning ski. I ski fast but I'm stable enough to handle it when the ski gets squirrely. I'm also a big guy at 220lbs and I feel that my weight makes it easier for me to ski a softerski through variable conditions like crud. I prefer a ski that handles more like a sports car.

So, because he is a good skier, you need to get from him what he likes and doesn't like in a ski. reading reviews should clarify it for him and you. Or, if he reads enough threads in this forum and he may decide he needs a quiver of skis.
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