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Wondering what the experts think about when to transition a child to adult skis. My daughter just turned 13, very tall at 5' 7", but only 110 lbs. She was an intermediate skier two seasons ago - but skipped last season. Not aggressive. There are good buys out there on skis, so I don't want to relegate her to crappy rentals. She DOES have her own adult size boots (women 9 shoe).

So, do I buy her junior skis - at either 146 or 150 cm - like Luv Bugs or Atomic Little B that can grab up for less than $100 - or go up to a women's 146 or 153 cm ski (such as sweet luv) and spend more? If i spend more for adult, it would last her a few years, but I worry that they will be too "heavy" for her - especially at the longer length?