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So I've noticed this before, thought it may just be in my head, but now that I have my pass there, confirmed that Greek Peak Ny is the number one snowlerblader ski area in the US.
I don't get it, at other hills in the area, you may see one or two people rockin the fruit boots. At this place today I saw at least 6, out of maybe 200 (max) on the hill.

I can't figure this one out. I mean there are places like Brighton that have always marketed to snowboarders, places that have tele clinics, places that are big on racing etc and consequently have an unusually high percentage of people on a specific type of gear that has little to do with conditions (vs a place where conditions dictate a certain type of gear, eg infiltrated with fat skis cause they get big dumps). There is no logic behind it.

Any ideas? Any CNY/Souther Tier folks have any ideas? Any shops pushing these things? I don't think anybody in Syracuse or Ithaca is, so maybe a Binghamton shop that is big on no control or poles. Possibly a practical joker that years ago convinced people that these are cool??