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Need lesson recommendations for trip to Whistler

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I am taking my family out to Whistler for five days in mid-April. I need some suggestions for lesson types and scheduling. My wife is a beginner as are my 15 and 11 year old boys who will be boarding. I was thinking of enrolling the younger in the three day Ski Camp program so he could get some solid instruction with some pals his age. There is no comparable program for my older boy so I thought three full days of lessons for him, and for my wife as well. What would be the best arrangement. Three consecutive full-day lessons? We could all ski together the last two days. Or would it be better to stagger them on days one, two, and four? Or would two full days and a couple half days be better. My wife is already concerned about the size of the mountain, thinking that a big mountain must not have easy trails. This is an important introduction to skiing for them all, and I do not want to scare them or make the experience too intense. I want to give her and the boys the confidence to have a great time. Five days of survival skiing would be exhaustiing and uninspiring. And what about me. I am a skier of 40 of my 47 years (skills honed on Maine blue ice). I just got my first shaped gear and would not mind having some instruction to get the most out of it. And any insider information about Whistler would be most appreciated. We are all psyched (I am already packing).
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Tell your wife there is PLENTY of nice easy terrain...

If anyone is after a private ask for Roger Systad at the private lesson desk... He is a SUPER instructor & VERY patient with nervous females (I'm sure of that - I test him regularly) He is also a very good racer - so can easily teach high level lessons as well... Here in Australia he has the highest return rate on intermediate lessons at my regular resort... He grew up in Whistler & knows the place inside out(Dad was an instructor) He would be ideal to teach you to use those new skis... However privates at Whistler do not come cheap...

Alternative for you is Ski Esprit type thing - although as a long time skier on new skis I'd pay for one private...

If your wife is not young you may want to put her in 1/2 day lessons - wearing her out totally may not be her idea of a holiday... Let her ski with you or on her own or shop or drink coffee or whatever in the afternoon...
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Ski Esprit may be good for you, there is a social element to it so it is not "full on " instruction, you cover a lot of ground so it will get you around both mountains. On a 3 day camp you would likely do Whistler 2 days and Blackcomb 1 but it can vary. If you want something more personal then you can go for a Ski Esprit supergroup which is a max of 3. I did that and I was the only one there so I got a 3 day private for the price of the Camp !!

For the younger boy there is something called the "Ride Tribe" which got good reports from some people I met there, the name put my teenager off I have to say but the kids who got past that seemed to enjoy it. I think they do it for skiing and separately for snowboarding.

Tell your wife not to worry. There is some seriously tough stuff at Whistler but more than enough terrain for her level to keep her occupied for all the time she is there. Ski school may be the answer for her as well.

Your difficult issue may be your 15 year old as he will see himself as too old for the kids stuff and is possibly too young for the adults classes. Try contacting the ski school and see what they can offer
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I would suggest the idea of doing lessons on days 1,2 and 4. After the second day, she will be needing a break from instruction and just needing mileage to ingrain what she has learned. Then, on day 4 will be ready to add on to what she has already learned. If you do all 3 days in a row, day 3 may be just getting mileage with the instructor, that the two of you could be doing together. If at all possible, try to get the same instructor for all 3 days, but it may not be possible if you don't do private lessons.
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