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Ice inside goggles - anyone else get this?

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I bought a new pair of Native polarized goggles a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine runs a ski shop and recommended these, I understand this is a relatively new brand. This is my first pair of expensive goggles. Yesterday and today skiing at Snowbird, the temp was around 15 degrees. My goggles fogged and then the "fog" instantly froze, covering the entire inside of the lenses with ice. Had to remove the goggles, ski from the top down to the lodge in snowstorm and go inside to defrost. Happened both days. This never happened to me in years of skiing with my old (cheap) Smith's. So, is this a relatively common experience, or should I be looking for a different pair of goggles?
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I've only seen that when the goggle has a ton of warm air blowing straight into it from your face mask below and then you remove it to air out.

Did this occur standing at the base, on the lift, during a run, on the lift after a run? Did you keep the goggles on the whole time or mistakenly try to air them out?

Don't know much about Native, but for some people Like those who perspire a lot) in some conditions nothing short of the smith turbofan will stay clear.
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The moisture needs to flow out of the top of the google, but it sounds like it was blocked on yours. Could it have been that snow, or your helmet, hat or hood was covering the top of the google?
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Yeah, it did happen when I was wearing a mask, which did cause the fog. But the ice formed without removing the goggles. Also, I was wearing a helmet.
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this happened to me because i put my face mask under my goggles on my nose. I fixed this by getting one of the ones that have nese hole and mouth holes.
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I've found that any mask that goes over my nose will cause a problem. I've basically resigned myself to a windburned nose.

Anyway, If you got enough moisture inside your goggle, and it's cold enough outside, then sure it can freeze up.
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This is why I use a Pinch (TM).
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i've never had the problem with the goggles freezing, it's always my glasses.

last year my glasses froze over twice when it was really cold. the goggles stayed clear and clean, though.

i rock Bolle X-9's.
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Glasses were the bane of my skiing existence. Cheap effective solution: disposable contacts. I never wear them any other time of year, but for skiing they are wonderful.
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I'm not sure I'm getting you right, but what comes to mind is that if you put your goggles back in their bag after use, the don't get to dry out completely, and the remaining moisture freezes when you use them next. The cure is to hang them to dry over night before putting them back into the bag (which also is hung to dry.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks for the advice/tips -- you guys correctly identified the problem (as usual on this great site!). Skiied yesterday at Alta, mountain top temps 0-10 degrees, no problems. I was careful to keep the balaclava positioned so that my breath did not exit up into the goggles. I think the difference is that my "new" goggles have larger vents on the bottom side of the frame than my old goggles did.
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I used to get ice inside of my goggles. I told myself to hold it together and stop crashing.
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