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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post
Do you think this will be a problem for quite a while? If the base is a hard smooth surface, that could be around for a while.

This is terrible news. What a loss.
I do think these layers will be with us for a long time here in the Tetons. They are resistant to metamorphism and short of sliding to the ground and starting over I dont see them going anywhere. There is a lot of talk flying around about bridging. The bridging effect is real, but becomes less of a factor on larger slopes. It also opens the door for really big events if the pack gains enough energy to step down. Probably the best scuttlebutt I'm hearing is to pay attention to what has slid and ski there.
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Originally Posted by skiking4 View Post
The perfect year to ski Alps over the Rockies...

A tribute
And an older tribute to a friend/maggette who passed i n different circumstances

RIP Heather
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Thanks for the photos skifishbum. Very sad indeed.
Originally Posted by AltaSkier View Post
An old boss of mine was a patroller at Snowbasin. At the time, the bottom of the downhill was a mogul run. He told me that he saw it fracture all the way to the ground and the whole mogul field slid.
I'm very sorry for this family's loss. Bob glad to hear you are ok as well. Everybody be careful out there.
I believe that happened in 2003. We skied that run with Bob Peters before the 2003 esa and it was full of moguls. I remember thinking how insane it was to tuck that thing from the top of that pitch. I wouldn't do it from a standstill but they're hitting it at 60 +mph. (no moguls of course) A couple weeks later they got dumped on and the whole thing slid. ( I believe it was set off on purpose). I heard - I think from Bob Peters ? that the moguls were piled up like refrigerators at the bottom.

On another note, I heard from weems something I never knew before - Highland Bowl at Aspen Highlands gets ski packed by volunteers and patrol. He was saying just recently a group packed it 3 times in one go. I guess that's down, up, down. Now that's some excercise.
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Originally Posted by skiking4 View Post
The perfect year to ski Alps over the Rockies...
Not so sure about that one.
from: http://pistehors.com/news/ski/commen...he-fatalities/
December 7, 08:
The High Mountain Police (PGHM) have called for skiers to be “more prudent” after a grim series of avalanches took the lives of three skiers in the Alps. The avalanches follow a warning issued on on Friday by the French Weather service. A warning repeated by the Préfecture of the Alpes-Maritimes on Saturday morning.
They warned winter sports enthusiasts that the snow pack at the start of the season is “particularly dangerous and hard to analyze”.
Already since then more people have died.

from http://pistehors.com/news :
Dec. 14, 08
A Swiss snowshoer has been killed by an avalanche in the French Jura at 15h00, the slide seriously injured his wife. The avalanche occurred near the ski resort of the col de la Faucille on steep slopes under the Petit Montrond at around 1200 meters. The couple were apparently following the steep vie de Chaux trail in the wooded Pailly sector. It appears the man was killed instantly after colliding with a tree.
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Hey Tog

not mentioned on this site is that another skier lost their life at Aspen on Sunday in an avalanche. That makes two in one day, and a third was injured in an avalanche that shut down Blue Sky Basin at Vail, also on Sunday.

The snowpack is quite dangerous in the Rockies at the moment. Be careful out there.

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Thanks Mike.
Another sad ending.

From Aspen Daily News:
Avalanche claims former ski patroller
by Curtis Wackerle
Dec. 16, 2008
A former ski patroller, experienced mountaineer and father died Sunday afternoon in an avalanche while skiing just out of bounds from Aspen Mountain.

Searchers recovered the body of Cory Brettmann, 52, around 8:30 p.m. Sunday, after receiving a call around 7 p.m. reporting that Brettmann had not returned as expected from skiing that day.

Brettmann, a 26-year veteran of the Aspen Mountain and Breckenridge ski patrols who retired in 2006, took his last run on Powerline, a popular sidecountry run that is easily accessed by a short hike and traverse from the top of the Silver Queen Gondola, with return access to the resort from Lud’s Lane in the Walsh’s run area.

Brettmann died from asphyxiation, but also suffered serious trauma in the slide, according to Pitkin County Coroner Dr. Steve Ayers.
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