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Montana, Colorado, Utah?

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Hi all,

My family has a chance to get out for a impromptu ski trip out west, we live in Minnesota. I am wondering which areas will have the best snow in a week from now?

Do any of you know what areas have the best snow cover now? If you were going would you choose Frisco CO. , Salt Lake City UT. , or Big Sky Montana and surrounding areas?? How about Wyoming this time of year? What places would you avoid this time of year?

We all love powder waist deep doesnt everyone but dont mind groomers and tree runs etc.

Thanks to all
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Have not skied this early in the year. I think you could look at the snow reports at the palces you might want to visit. Maybe look at Jackson Hole as well.
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If you can I would wait a day or two as there is a fairly big storm moving through that could change things. As for summit county most of the places have %60 or less of the mountain open at the moment. But they are supposed to get a foot or two of snow in the next two or three days.
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Vail has or is going to have almost 5000 acres open by the weekend, a foot of snow happened saturday night, another foot of snow is going to happen tomorrow night and probably 2 more feet on thursday-friday. Go to colorado, actually don't you will track up all of my powder.
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Bridger is 100% open from day one. The mountain is skiing really well and I skied terrain that I normally don't ski this early or that I might ski very conservatively. Just spent 3 days skiing Big Sky for training Wed. through Friday of last week, and it is skiing well too, but their coverage is not as good as ours, and they are only about half open. The bowl was skiing the best at Big Sky. But you will still hit things, rocks and wood. On my first day out at Bridger, I didn't hit a single thing no matter where I skied. Come join us at Bridger Bowl for some excellent early season skiing.
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Go where the snow is. Period. Colorado is passable right now. Not sure how MT, UT and Jackson are shaping up comparatively. Seriously, if you don't have any constraints go with the snow period.
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Que that is exactly what I want to do I dont trust the ski area snow reports they tend to be self serving! That is why I am asking here real people real skiers and real reports! I have in the past went to places saying they will be 90% open etc to find rocks wood and dirt LOL.

At this point it sounds like CO. but Bridger is tempting I have skied Big Sky and like it but heard bridger is a bit steeper and fun!

How about you guys from UT what is going on out there?

Thanks again

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If you do decide to come out to MT, and because you never know what the weather is going to be like, I would suggest Big Sky over Bridger Bowl at this time of year. If the conditions happen to be bad, like no new snow, Big sky's groomer runs are sooo much better than bridger's, and although big sky is less than half open, by next week that will be more terrain open than bridger. Also, I don't know how skilled your family is, but bridger is more for the expert skier or the very beginner skier, there is not too much inbetween intermeadiate terrain, IMHO.
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We stick to castros rockville bavarian forest and the stuff off of shedhorn and the next lift over cant remember the name! We love going up the tram at Big Sky but it takes so much time out of our day skiing!

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My understanding is that our new ridge terrain lift will open this week. I know that those of us certifided for ridge tours are getting a tour of the terrain on the new Shlashmans lift on Friday. This is no PR, Bridger is skiing excellent right now, all over the mountain, and the deep freeze is going away by Wednesday.

In all fairness Big Sky is skiing well as well, though even with the new snow, the groomers will still have rocks on all the headwalls and transition areas. That is just the nature of Big Sky. You should see my skis from my days at Big Sky last week.

One of the beauties of flying into Bozeman is that you can ski Bridger, Big Sky, and moonlight on the same trip if you want to.
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I'll second RicB's comments on Bridger. The mountain received a series of snow storms followed by warm spells throughout October and November. The thawing and refreezing created a very dense, settled base throughout the mountain. This is my 9th season at Bridger and they have never had things so well covered so early in the season. I was on brand new skis Saturday and I skied terrain I normally avoid skiing until the end of January without hesitation.
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Summit County is skiing quite well at the moment. We've had a bunch of snow in the last two weeks and the skiing is quite good -- although it is still early conditions. I didn't ski Peak 7 this weekend at Breck -- perhaps someone else can chime in on that -- but Horseshoe and Imperial bowls were both skiing quite well. I skied Copper yesterday, and there was no one there. The coverage was quite good, and the only reason I can see for why they haven't opened the Alpine lift, Spualding, and Sierra is that they must be trying to save money given the low number of folk there. Purportedly, it all opens Friday.

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The Wasach back is in sad shape!!
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There was lots of new snow to track up up at Snowbird yesterday, and they're forecasting another 12-16" tonight. I can't wait until tomorrow morning. So,...

I'd go to Colorado if I were you.
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Summit never skis well with the exception of A-basin and Loveland. So if Frisco is the CO destination I'd go to Utah
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Hey everyone it looks like utah may be the place we are looking at hotels in sandy at the moment! That avi that buried some poor soul makes it sound as if they have snow?

But I could still change plans on a moments notice LOL

Thanks to all that have taken the time to comment!
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Aspen's skiing as good as it get's right now. Highland's opener was sick, sick, sick. The new run they cut below Hyde Park, Canopy Cruiser is beautiful and will really help in the lower Temerity area.

Right now I can guarantee that the skiing isn't any better in LCC. Plus since PC and Snowbasin are thin, everybody in SLC is going to be going there.

With the skiing as good as it is in Aspen right now, you would be crazy to go to Summit County and wait in lines and the ambiance would be 10X better than staying in some Motel 6 in Sandy.
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Skiied Snowbird, Alta and Brighton this past weekend. Snowbird and Alta have pretty good coverage, still a few rocks poking through, but not bad for early season. Mineral Basin at Snowbird was not open yet...
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Red, pink, etc = excellent

Game on here! Here are the Snotel sensor sites with REAL SNOW DATA for the western US. Download the Snotel layers to view with Google Map

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Vail is almost 100% open and absolutely innundated with snow. It looks like mid-February out there. Conditions are phenomenal! Pete's Bowl opened on Saturday, and we had the place almost to ourselves, getting run after run in knee-deep-plus fresh powder. Sunday was pretty great as well. I have a condo for rent in Frisco if you want to PM me.
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Originally Posted by realestate11 View Post
... That avi that buried some poor soul makes it sound as if they have snow?

Not sure that avi's are what you want to use to measure whether folk have snow. But note that Blue Sky Basin at Vail was closed because of an avalanche Sunday, and a skier was killed at Aspen as well.

Be careful out there -- it is dangerous -- in bounds, as well as out of bounds.

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5 Feet in 7 Days

Snow was thigh-deep in Vail's Back Bowls last Sunday, after a heavy storm.

Forcast for today through Friday is another 2 to 3 feet. The guy supervising Beaver Creek's snowmaking program told us the area would see 5 feet of fresh from last Friday through this Friday, the 19th.

You do the math.
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Cool map

Wow nice snow map! Hmm now I am leaning towards vail etc. oh decisions decisions we may never have a place to sleep at this rate LOL! Wow all I want is snow snow snow! Sounds as if we will all need Hellbents if we go to vail!

Thanks to everyone that has posted

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Originally Posted by realestate11 View Post
Wow nice snow map! Hmm now I am leaning towards vail etc. oh decisions decisions we may never have a place to sleep at this rate LOL! Wow all I want is snow snow snow! Sounds as if we will all need Hellbents if we go to vail!

Thanks to everyone that has posted

I wished I had Hellbents last Sunday. It was the first time in my life I found the snow too deep.

Another 10" fell last night and more is expected tonight and tomorrow.
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Yes hellbents are one heck of a cool ski! We used them this spring at Big Sky late Feb-early Mar. It just puked snow and Volkl Got's just didnt do the trick in powder up to my armpits! Damn just hijacked my own thread.

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Colorado it is

Well we will be staying in frisco and hitting Breck, A basin , Vail etc etc. Thanks everyone!

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