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Okemo, Where To Eat?

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Going up on Tuesday. Open to any and all suggestions.

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the loft is great. everything on the menu is fantastic. right at the base. cant go wrong with dj's, or sams. depends what you want to spend and who your going with.
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I second the loft for Bar food - really very good for that. They do seem to follow their "grumpy" motto though. (It's on their sign). If it's a Fri. or Sat. it will be incredibly packed. I find DJ's in town is good too in the bar section and there's t.v.'s if you want. The restaurant part I'm not as impressed with.
As for others:
Pizza: ok this is a constant argument. My vote is for American Pie, but many prefer Wicked Good Pizza. One is across the street from the other. If you eat at American you'll sit in chairlift chairs (old from Magic Mtn. I think).
Actual Restaurants I'll leave to others.
Archie's can be ghastly or ok.
Cappucino's - geez not again I'm dissappointed.
Sam's - get's packed but can't understand why.
That new one on Rte. 100, Italian place. Well fun bar area with stars in the ceiling - best to eat there if you're in a hurry though mid week non holiday that's not a factor.
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The Italian place on Route 100 is called Bella Luna. It's pretty good. Eat in the bar off the bar menu, if you want to save money or if you're cheap like me.

As for DJ's (in town): The decor is very dated and in desperate need of an upgrade, and the salad bar stinks, but the food is reasonable and they give you a lot of it.

For a sandwich: Java Babba's in the small strip just at the bottom of the access road.
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Pot Belly Pub on Main St. Yum!
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I'm a big fan of "Wicked Good Pizza", they have a good white pizza that i tried last time that was really good. Cant remember the name but i guess its a favorite there. I usually don't like white pizza either.
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Originally Posted by Swamp Dog View Post
Pot Belly Pub on Main St. Yum!
I don't recall the details of what we had, but I'm pretty sure our group of 6 all walked out of this place pretty happy.
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where you end up eating
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