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Copper: Awesome!

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Michael M, of this forum, at very short notice (ie the night before while he was trying to get Bob's Birthday happening) agreed to take me to Copper Mtn skiing, despite it being his day off, supposedly!

(I was feeling a bit glum, the reason for which might be told later).

The skiing here has been icy, cold, crowded and mostly on-piste. Copper was the opposite, except the cold bit. It was bloody cold!
Powder everywhere, huge pointy mountains.

I was double lucky, as I was allowed to join in with a ski school training outing. So we were taken to a cliff called Spaulding Bowl which they skiied down and I kind of flip-flopped, and then on to some powdery but somewhat black bumps. Less said about me on bumps the better. We did laps of that.

It was really excellent to have this experience, skiing with another ski school, in such superb conditions.
I had an absolutely brilliant day.

Glum.. because a guy who teaches medicine at Colorado Uni broke my ski pole by sliding into me (boarder), offered to replace them, then when I emailed him to firm that up, he contacted my resort and asked them what their "policy" on that was.

So no replacement poles for me, it seems.
Kind of a low act, I felt.

But thanks to Michael and the guys at Copper ski school, i'm now feeling bloody happy and looking forward to more terrain here opening up. If any one has the chance, get to Copper! It's very uncrowded, and a damn friendly place.

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Glad you had a good time Ant! Me too!

Hope you can make the get-together this weekend!

Be well!
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Hey Ant--I'm glad you and Mike had a good time at Copper! I haven't skied at Keystone in a long while--all season, actually. I know the snow is good at Copper, but I'm surprised it's THAT much better than Keystone!

Anyway--we made it to Angel Fire late this evening. They have some fresh snow here too, it appears, and it just started snowing as we pulled in, around 10pm.

Enjoy the snow!. Take care of the place, and have a great few days back there!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Sorry about the incident with the pole and the guy's reaction. I have a spare pair of Leki poles that are a year old that I am not using (48"). I'll be in Summit County this Sunday taking my kid to a ski race in Leadville and would be happy to donate them to mitigate the American idiot's reaction!

I can also bring you a new Gabel pole at a great pro price. Let me know via P.M.
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yeah Bob, Copper is THAT much better than keystone! K is ice on the groomed (while dodging unguided missles), and any off piste expediation gets you a free but somewhat messy base job.
I went down Wolverine the other day, and every turn meant a little or a big grab from under the snow. Most bump runs are hardish bumps, with rocks in teh troughs.

Copper's terrain was more to my liking, too. Feel kind of claustraphobic here.

Rusty, thanks for the offer! I can get some kids poles here for about 25 bucks (I like lightweight stocks, and Christys have a nice pair, and I ski 110s, a tad short but they work). It's just the moral issue of it, and the fact that I've only had 3 hours work this week and that'll just about cover the 25 bucks.

I mean, you wreck someone's property, you cover it, don't you?!
Maybe it's a ural thing.
Either way, next boarder to hit me, I'm getting patrol to deal with it. I've had enough!

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