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Starter boots . . . Now Hakon, where have we heard that before?
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Do Starter boots go with the Starter Jacket.
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You're supposed to watch it while driving!

Good idea on the boots, Hakon.

When you get to Taos, make sure and look up Jean Mayer at the Hotel St. Bernard. And his brother Dadou (somewhere around there). They were my mentors when I was there for ten seasons. I also recommend the Taos ski week program. For a skier of your level, they will really show you around and it's only two hours/day. If you really want a heavy (effective) dose, do the all day super ski-week.

Originally Posted by Stay Forward View Post
Since we haven't heard much form Weems's group, I'll second Evan -- Thanks for the bumps, Weems! I have your DVD in my computer drive and watch it whenever work gets too dull.

Other highlights Stow 2008 for me:
- Love my new Nordica speedmachines, bought last day of 07 season
- great lift/gondola conversation
- wonderful vistas
- cold Guinness at Charlie B's
- NEW BOOTS - on the way home Sunday night, stopped in at Bennie's. He took one look at my bloody shins and pronounced my boots "starter boots." A half hour later I left with comfee new Rossignols!

Can't wait till my Taos trip in February, so off to Mt Snow this weekend!

Hakon Heimer
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Wow, gang--this TR is making me want to go back and do it all again! It was a really, really great few days in December at Stowe! Great pictures and video clips too.

I miss you all, and can't wait to do it again. I hope everyone's having a great season.

Happy New Year. (Just think--the next Stowe ESA is this very year!)

Best regards,
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Hi Bob,
I'm off to Keystone in March. Perhaps we can meet at your favorite watering hole and talk website.
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I was sitting next to Hakon at Bennie's, having some space made for my sixth toes. Those were some ugly shins!
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Hey!! I resemble that remark!

Well, off to Stratton tomorrow to test out the new boots, not to mention Weems's advice -- maybe I'll try, "embrace the ugly bump" or "love the bump you're with"
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I wonder how many folks got boots or had work done there. Judy and I both got new boots from the man. She got Technica Dragons with new boot heaters and I got Rossi's. I also got some posting removed from my beds. Perhaps ESA should arrange a clinic with Bennie. I think there may have been something at the original ETU, which I didn't attend.
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We used to do that. It's gotten more and more informal just because of time-constraints. If only we had a few more days....
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Weems's stuff works!

Just got back from Steamboat, and I'm happy to report that all the soft snow and bump coaching from Weems really worked. I concentrated on keeping my face facing downhill, pole planting early and often (just like voting in Philadelphia), letting the front of the ski do the turning, not traversing, etc, and my confidence in conditions that a year ago would have been daunting for me has gone through the roof. I'm still no powderhound, but now I know I can not only survive loose snow, but even enjoy it a little. I'm looking forward to Jackson in February. Thanks, Weems.
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Originally Posted by Bob Barnes View Post
(Just think--the next Stowe ESA is this very year!)

Best regards,
uh, say what?!
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Calendar year, my dear Oboe.
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Sure, but . . . didn't I hear some talk about a second one THIS SEASON?
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There was some talk about getting the ESA Stowe Videos posted.  Any updates on whether this is going to happen?

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Yep.  I got'em assembled by group.  Need to render & upload, so you can download.  Sorry for the delay.  I'll try to cook'em this week. 

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Thanks, Chris.

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Yes, thank you Chris.

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Videos are up in the EpicSki Academy Learning forum:


ESA Stowe 2008 - Group Videos 

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