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Snow so far this year

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Looking at utah and CO are we ahead of schedule as far as snowfall and base depth?
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Not in UT.
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Ask me on Tuesday. Telluride is getting pounded tonight and is calling for more over the next two days.

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beaver creek is reporting close to 100 inches total so far what do we usually average for that region in mid december?
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I don't know if we are ahead of average yet, but it is skiing quite well. It is skiing incredibly considering that on Thanksgiving day (two weeks ago) there was no coverage except for the manmade, and you could see bare ground most everywhere except for where they had blown the snow. The last two weeks have given a great base and allowed the resorts to open lots of terrain -- and I suspect they are holding a bit in reserve to open during the holdays.

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60 inches so far at Mt Tremblant here in Montreal. Pretty sweet. Hope it keeps up. Supposed to get another 5" or so this weekend.
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Originally Posted by tromano View Post
Not in UT.
I think Snowbird is right at about average, so far at about 100" with 12" forecasted by tomorrow.
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Remember the crappy base layers: there's been 3 avalanches over the past weekend.
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SkiareaValchiavenna: 290cm so far (114 inches) and still snowing. Just sayin'.
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