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I am thinking about attemping inverts on skiis and i neeed all the help o can get... i can do double flips and helis on a normal trampoline(without skiis) but i fear its different with a pair of skkiis on an ill bail myself to death... f u could .. i would like to know.. What should the jump look like... ive been of tons of em but not for flips.. howshould i do this is it different then a trampoline,.. i can do 360 and i know for a fact they are alot harder on skiis..
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i reccomend you try a backflip first...find a jump that is really steep almost like a wall. get about 5-8 ft. of air. as you takeoff throw your head backwards and arch your back. you will get around really quick and easy if you just commit. as you are coming around spot your landing and stick it. as long as you hit a jump that is real steep it will feel the same as on a tramp. the key is you want to go up not out. its really easy as long as you commit.
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Chottski: These inverts you are wanting to do, I want to re-emphsize Freefall's advice as being correct. DON'T TRY TO DO THESE ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT SOME PROPER TRAINING FROM THOSE THAT KNOW HOW TO DO THEM!!!!!
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i am only 16 and i dont have the time or the money to go to a camp right now... what is an alternative to this... ? im really flexible so if u could just explain i think i can do

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My cousin is a paraplegic due to an accident from a high bar. (gymnastics) and was very flexible. This with a coach. I don't think it has anything to do with how flexible you are, your age or how good you think you are. His fall was not from a very high move and I suspect not generating as much energy as you would jumping and going inverted with skis. Take every one's advice on this site that is saying don't do this alone without coaching. It's not worth the risk.
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We had a kid at my ski area become a quadraplegic by trying an inverted move and landing on his neck on a spine jump. It's not good for business when an evac helicopter has to land at a little hill like ours. I'd imagine that kid wishes he didn't try it either. You're only 16. You've got a lot of time ahead of you. Don't make every day of the rest of your life a struggle. Think of the risk versus the reward. Even if you pulled it off perfectly, all you'd get is some bragging rights. Bragging rights aren't worth the high probablilty of doing permanent damage. And if you don't pull it off perfectly (probably a 95% chance of this), then BEST case is still not very pretty.

At least use the brain God gave you and think for a while before you try it. Think of your family if you don't pull it off.
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hey johnh .. i live in western new york.. i think i will take your advice, but do u know any good freestyle coaches in the area

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I HIGHLY recommend learning inverts with a knowledgeable coach -- try one of the camps such as High North ( ) or Camp of Champions ( ). Those guys will put you through all the prep work and step you up to it.

Landing on your head has a high probability of making you a quadriplegic (that's paralyzed from the neck down).<FONT size="1">

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sorry, man. The only people I know out there are ski school. No jibbers. But there are a few guys here from around ohio. don't know if they'll know any coaches, but ya never know....<FONT size="1">

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try not to be too intimidated with these stories. although you probably wont stick it on your first attempt, the odds are astronomically low that you will break your neck. hell, the first time i went inverted i landed on my head, im fine and still love throwin backflips off of the special jumps we make that are very steep, making backflips super easy. i would suggest the first time you do it, find some powder to land in. im 15 and not particularly flexible, but this trick does not require much, AS LONG AS YOU COMMIT TO IT. if i were you i would follow g-dubs advice. another thing, i think helis are a lot harder than backflips. whatever you do dont kill yourself.<FONT size="1">

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yea guys stop trying to scare the kid. i am 15 also and the first time i pulled a back i was skiing with my dad on a hardpack day. my dad was like "i bet you could do a backflip, just go for it". the first two times i landed on my head and back and the 3rd time i landed it. my neck and back hurt for like a day, and this was on hardpack and my own dad told me to do it. those other people have obviously never done anything like this so they dont really know. hardly any people actually break their neck skiing. so if you have a helmet, just try it. if you dont, wait till you got a few inches of pow, then just go for it.
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Wow... Until I read some of these posts I'd forgotten what it was like to be a teenager... Back when I thought I was immortal and invincible.
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This summer I was sitting in the emergency room at the Whistler Medical clinic after breaking my face open kayaking a river nearby. While I was sitting there, they rolled a kid into the room next to me and I heard the story unfold as doctors ran in and out. He was was at the Camp of Champions and was trying his first backflip. He landed on his head and was flown to the emergency room from Blackcomb Glacier in a heli. He was just groaning, not even aware of where he was. The doctors at the Whistler clinic, after looking at the x-rays, said they could not do anything (this emergency room treats more sports traumas than any other in Canada and is one of the busiest in North America). They packaged him up for an immediate chopper ride to Vancouver. THIS is why I am urging caution. That kid was in very bad shape.
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well with much research and asking questions, i have decided to attempt inversion this sunday.. even though i know there is a great risk.. it is my obsession... i love freestyle... and besides i remember last year.. trying a double flip of my trampoline on to the ground,,.. i fell . on the grass alomost flaat on my head... i got up with some shock and then went and did it again... thanks for the help. and if u could fill me in on some more good techniques and tips about it that would be phat...

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rarose and others- i dont think im invincible at all, but being overprotective is not the way to enjoy life. i assume you guys have never driven a car before because traffic accidents are one of the top killers in America. Have you heard of all the people falling and breaking their necks in the tub. better stop could kill you. sure there is a risk skiing, but there is a risk to doing anything. So just have fun!!
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you are right about risk and acceptable risks. I drive a car yes but I use the seat belt and I try to use good judgment about how I drive ie:I don't do 45 in a 25 zone or do 45 on chains in snow. Minimize the risk. From my experience (37 years skiing) some of which was doing freestyle skiing in the 70's, Inverts without proper training was just not worth the risk. I still take the same position. All it takes is one bad fall to cause a life long disabling injury. I just believe in trying to stack the deck in my favor and hope to help others make an informed decision about their risk in skiing. It is your life and health so if that is a risk you want to take, have fun. For me, again, if you have the opportunity, Stack the deck in your favor...
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OK, it's Tuesday already, I'm getting worried - chotskii?<FONT size="1">

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so, did you surivive?
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hey yea i did survive.. my first time i over spun and landed on my back but i stuck it by my third try.. and now ive added a 180 to top it off.. thanks for u help
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Good job chotskii! Glad to hear you made it with no damage.
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That's great. I'm going to Verbier week after next and plan on getting my first upside down action there. Nerves are jangling, however, because a friend of mine broke his neck last week in Chamonix while boarding.
I do not want to be the next.
Any tips for the first time?
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you should be thinking about getting your feet over your head... always pushing your feet backwards, will get you around...
Don't hurt yourself bro!!
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Hey for ur first time it depenmds what direction that you are fliping in... If back go down the hill in a tuck, and when you reach the LIP, and no sooner.. Pop and at the same time throw your neck and arms almost like you were trying to reach your hips and do not look foward,.. keep your head back until your a completly done with your rotation and spot the landing... for front .. all i did was fling it... now i have experience with fronts,, but i just pushed forward like a normal front and then kept my head tucked into my chest for safety... dont kill yo self man! but the worst thing is to let nerves take over then ull surely get hurt
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Whew! Chotskii - thanks for staying alive!

I'm not sure if congratulations are in order, since I happened to be extremely unimpressed by ski aerials - acrobatics there is usually nothing to write home about - other sports (e.g. platform diving) (and circus ) provide much more aesthetic pleasure of purity of aerial form and landing precision while not having all this unnecessary risk of life-threatening injury - so I can enjoy watching it without pains of guilt of sponsoring blood sport. Oh well, since (lucky you! ) I'm not your father - may luck be with you, guys - so you won't get hurt badly before you get smarter
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