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Volkl Mantra vs, Dynastar Legend Pro

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I'm looking for a new set of skis for this year. I was previously riding Salomon Teneighty's. They were a decent ski but I am looking to get into a better all mountain ski which is fatter than the teneightys for riding in powder but will also be able to blow through crummier snow at the bottom of the hill. I am very experienced but have paid little attention to the newer skis which would be suitable for me. I'm 6'1 200lbs so I need a stiffer ski aswell. Any suggestions/opinions/reviews on the mantra or legend pro would be much appreciated. If you have any other skis which fit my needs go ahead and mention them.


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get the best of both skis

Blizzard Titan Argos
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I have recently skied both the Mantra and the Legend Pro and in my opinion the Mantra is a more well rounded, versatile ski, but both are great fun in teh right conditions.
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I have last years Legend Pros in a 186 and they are big powerful skis, fine in powder but also great in crud. I was also looking at Gotama and Mantra before I bought. I wasn't able to try them but was led to believe they are less stiff so better in powder but worse in crud. I also tried the wider Dynastar Legend XXL's in Alta. They floated really nicely in powder but felt a bit unwieldy everywhere else. They widened the LP this year and I believe made it less stiff which may make a difference.
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Mantra vs. LP

These are both stiff enough for you but are pretty different skis. The Mantra has a good bit of shape and is torsionally stiffer, thus the Mantra holds better on hard snow. I own a Mantra but find it a bit turny for my tastes in crud. It is a little too stiff to flex well in light fluffy powder but it works reasonbly well in heavier snow.

The '09 LP is rather different than the previous versions which were pretty stiff in the longer sizes. The new '09 in the 184 is straighter than the Mantra and a bit softer overall. I find it to be superior to the Mantra in any soft snow condition and despite the somewhat softer flex, the straight shape allows it to be more stable than the Mantra in crud. The LP is not as good as the Mantra on really hard snow.

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Mantra better on variable condtions, LP a superior soft-snow ski, and more stable. I ski the Mantra in 177, the LP is perfect in 184. I did find the LP to be a very, very stable ski in crud and new snow: a superb ski! The Mantra is more in the Watea 94/Nordica Enforcer mold: just a great all-around ski for generally soft snow preferenced skiers.

I am not really a fan of the Argos: it felt stiff and unresponsive.
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