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Unfortunately, this is not true... A crop from a noisy sensor is a noisy crop. DPReview has a very enlightening blog post showing that more pixels does not produce a better image even if you downsample. Same thing would apply to crops. A long telephoto lens on a small sensor with a lot of megapixels is a formula for bad pictures. If you are looking for a long TF shots, do yourself a favor and get a real SLR camera.

Real SLR cameras don't fit well on the strap of my pack. High mega is the best solution for high quality, highly transportable, instantly available image capturer.
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As Alexzn said this is not true. If you understand the term empty resolution you will see why, if not, take a digital photography class or get a good book on digital imaging. Your conclusion is only valid if different cameras had equal optical, electronic, image sensor, and software quality in which case more pixels would be better. This however is not the case. You can find cameras with less pixels that will yield better pictures than cameras with more pixels no matter how you crop or post process the images. Read reputable reviews and choose accordingly for your needs.
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