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Storms heeeere!

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I just got off the phone with Deep Powder House at Alta. Four inches since 8;00, so that's almost 2 inches an hour. We're getting nearly as much in Park City. So, good start.
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Nice. I'm actually scanning for airline deals to maybe get out there Monday and hit Alta for a few days. It's supposed to snow all week.
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Its only going to get better as the week goes on. The NWS is forecasting snow for the next five days. I am just glad that a decent base is being built for when I hit alta/bird/sol on the 29th.
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what ever you do don't stop dancing.
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About freakin' time. Now hopefully it keeps on snowing forever. Fimbulwinter, beeotchez!
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I just can't wait.
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Big Sky opened their tram this weekend so there must be snow over most of the Rockies.
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Highland's opener was sick. It's puking right now!
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I can't pull my Subaru out of it's spot there is so much snow. It's a RFTA day.

My wife does not understand why I would wake up at 4:30AM on a Sunday....... Who sleeps when they know it snowed this much overnight??? Who?
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It's dumping right now in Park City. For you Christmas travelers, everything should be fine: Here's the forecast

I was at Alta yesterday and the coverage was pretty good, although I didn't do the High T. It was high winds, very cold, nasty and snowing. Wildcat was excellent. As the day went on, everything got better, with three or four inches of windbuff collecting on the groomers for high speed creamy turns. Pretty much deserted. I hear the best day was Saturday, Today should be great. Sadly, a woman was killed in an inbounds avalanche at the Bird Sunday- this probably has it's own thread...
But, anyway, we're getting enough snow now for PC, Canyons and DV to roll out the groomers for Christmas. Whether the back bowls at the PC resorts will have enough snow for good off piste skiing is up for grabs, but it looks like the Cottonwoods will be fine.
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