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I have just transferred from the RM Division to the East Division. When I read the schedule PSIA-e 2003-2004 events, the courses/clinics appear to be quite different from the RM division. What are the East equivalents of Biomechanics and Precision Skiing (the two core courses out of three) that are offered by the RM Division?

In addition, what are some of the popular courses offered in the East?

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the East.
PSIA-E does not have any "core courses" that are required for exams. You need to do First Tracks before a Level I exam, and a Teaching Seminar (on snow)before a Level II exm, but that's all. The closest thing to Precision Skiing is probably the Developmental clinics for Level I's, and the Masters Skiing Clinics for Level II & III's. It also has a Biomechanics clinic(2 days on snow)as part of the Sports Science accreditation.
I've done mogul clincs, and will probably do a Trees/Steeps clinic next. Also, the Masters Academy in December is a gereat event.
PSIA-E runs more clinics than all the other regions combined, and I've found them to be uniformly excellent.
Where are you going to teach this year?

Regards, John

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Hi John,

Thanks for the info. That really helps my winter planning.

Many of the clinics you mentioned sound great. I can’t take the Master Academy because I am a Level 1. The SnowPro Jam interferes with my regular work schedule. I may attend some bump clinics. Does Belleayre really have bumps? I have not seen them in the past.

My regular job has been keeping me really busy lately. I don’t know if I will have the time to make another commitment. If I do, I may try for work Plattekill on a part-time basis.

Again, thanks.

Dr. No
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Hi Dr No...........sharpen them edges and welcome to the East.

YOu can find details of all PSIA Eastern events on the website.
You can find it at
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Dr. No

You can take the Master courses, but not "complete" the certification until you are Level 2. Many courses will help with the LEvel 2 test.

Yes, Belleayre does have bumps. Take a look at the clinics offered by ASIA
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