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I've never seen a mountain that was quite so skewed to expert skiing as Taos. I think you are to be congratulated for learning to ski there but I think it would be the last place I would recommend to this guy.
Indeed, the rest of the terrain is rather skewed towards the more advanced skier - but it's worth keeping in mind that the Yellowbird program I talked about is operated only on the lowest few feet of the resort. It starts with a magic carpet that has maybe a three foot vertical over a distance of 50 feet, then "graduates" to a couple very small lifts, Strawberry Hill and Rueggli, that you can only barely see on the trail map.
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Yes I know there is beginner terrain at the bottom and obviously it was OK for you. Not every beginning skier responds in the same way but in general a place like that is apt to be intimidating and off putting. I've taught quite a few peopkle to ski over the years and observed how fragile the new skier's state of mind can be. If she were my girl friend and, as I say a keeper, then I would take her someplace designed for beginning skiers like Buttermilk where she can develop her skills and affection for the sport within her comfort level. Learning to ski need not be a test. If she actually is a risk seeker and a risk taker then he probably knows that already and almost anyplace might suffice and he likely wouldn't be asking.
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I'd suggest Alta. It has a good ski school (they don't rely on foreigners, which is always a good sign), good terrain AND it's more mellow. A lot of the resorts have a problem where beginners/careful skiiers are being buzzed by idiots... quite a few of the named Utah resorts also have really poor learning terrain too, where beginners have to make big jumps up in terrain at a very early stage. Not good, especially for women.

So Alta fits the bill. Good ski school, good learning terrain, less crazed twits flying around like asteroids, and also plenty of good stuff for the partner to go jump off. And nearby you have some places where both could go ski when the lady became confident - Solitude and Brighton, which are also fairly mellow.
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Thanks for all the input bears, I think it is down to Smugglers/Stowe in the East and Aspen/Utah/Whistler in the west. But I want to go back to Jackson so badly and take their Steep and Deep Camp. They are supposed to have a great beginner program and if she doesn't like skiing, then she can go to Yellowstone National Park, go shopping near the town square or get a massage and indulge at the Four Seasons. I haven't made up my mind yet. But since I have 2 weeks of straight vacation that I am going to take, I could take her skiing at one of the other places and then go to Jackson by myself the following week.
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