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Cloudveil RPK vs Koven Plus Jacket.

Poll Results: Which one for a SE Patroler

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    Cloudveil RPK
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    Cloudveil Koven Plus
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I would like some info from people who have had experience with these 2 jackets. I was looking on Cloudveils web sight and they rate the Koven Plus as being more breathabal. Is there a trade off? Is the diffrence in the 2 just the membrane used Gore Tex vs the schoeller and clodburst. I have ben leary of stuff that is not Gore Tex but that was back in the late 90's when i got some other stuff that just did not stack up. The price is so close it is realy not a factor to me.

I am a patroler in the south east so I will be skiing in rain whether i want to or not, be stuck in front of a wet snow gun for 30 min trying to get someone off the hill, and can go from freezing my butt off on the lift to working up a sweat pulling a sled with a 300 lb guy in it down the hill in 15 min time. That is why i have to have a jackit with pit zips.

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Is there a reason you are looking at Cloudveil? They make a great jacket. You won't go wrong with either. Between the two it looks like the difference is Goretex in the RPK versus a 20K waterproofness in the other. If I were working in those conditions I would definietly go for the gore tex.
Sportsbasement.com has their Salomon jackets on sale now. I don't know who makes their jackets, but they are really well made. I also have a North Face Freethinker that is one of the best gore tex shells that I have ever worn.
That one's gore tex and only $200.
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I actually own both Jackets. The Koven is a very breathable jacket and in my opinion (at least fior me with no body fat) it is too breathable for cold weather resort skiing. It is a great backcountry shell or for climbing. I do love the RPK and I use it for resort skiing. It is a little heavier than most shells and I prefer it especially in colder temps to all my other shells.

Both are quite waterproof and I have worn both in the rain in Nor Cal where it really comes down. Of course both are reasonably new and I can't comment on how well the waterproofing holds up as they age and wear.

The Koven does not have a powderskirt, but the Koven Plus does as does the RPK.

The pass holder on the RPK is one of the best features I have found on any jacket, fWIW.

Lastly I think that breathability in jackets for resort use is overrated. Pit zips are the much more important feature.
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Originally Posted by ut_hucker View Post
That is an unbelievable deal for Gore-Tex Pro. I wasn't even in the market for a new shell, but that was just too good to pass-up. Thanks

BTW, I also have the RPK; it is very well-constructed, and I highly recommend it.
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thanks for the feedback!

I found a store with both of them so i got to get hands on both of them and got the RPK, it just felt like a more substantial jacket in terms of materials.
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