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Ice in Northeast

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Well, I was planning to get some turns in this weekend. I wasn't planning on the ice storm affecting areas north of Concord, NH.
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me too, where's the snow??
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Earlier today in northern VT...

I know where I'll be tomorrow.
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I'd love to do Jay Peak but not this weekend.
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Too bad. It should be killer! You say your from eastern MA, I will be leaving Malden between 3:30 and 4 tomorrow morning if you want to blow of life and join me.
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Wow, that looks great.
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Ice? No such thing.
It's all packed powder. We use packed powder melt on our sidewalks; enjoy packed powder cubes in our drinks... the titanic was sunk by a packed powderberg.
The packed powder man cometh.
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I was out at Greek Peak (south of Syracuse NY) tonight and conditions were great. We had maybe an hour of ice/freezing rain in this storm, followed by a good 8" of very packy snow.

Calling this an "ice storm" (at least around here) is complete bunk, far more snow than ice.
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I drove over from Albany to Syracuse Thursday nite. It was all ice and freezing rain until Utica at which point it turned to snow. The 2-hour drive took 4 and a half. There were 200,000 people in the capital district without power yesterday. My parents are in the Lakes Region of NH (north of Concord) and they got well over an inch of ice and no snow. We are spoiled in CNY. It looked like the snow down south was Lake Erie snow...
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My place in VT still without power...gotta hope no pipes burst>
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My parents have been without power since Thursday night. They're now shacked up in a hotel room with their two cats.
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Power was out so we stayed in a hotel in Albany on Fri. Got our power back on yesterday at around 3:00 p.m. If we hadn't, we were headed up to one of the hotels near Gore Mtn. to stay over last night.

We drove up and skied at Gore today (conditions were good Hawkeye was bumped up, but a bit icy). Once we got to approx. Exit 19 or 20 off the Northway (I-87) the ice on the trees turned to show.
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Waterville Valley in NH got some snow early in the storm, but then it rained on top of it. We did a handful of runs on Saturday, and it was skiable for us, but not much fun. I'm sure we would have enjoyed it more if we were more skilled. I actually regressed to a really bad habit and leaned back when I started to slide on the first few feet of my first run and sat down...then tried to ski away on one ski until my daughter hollered at me.

I was fine after that! Just had to watch ahead for where I was going to get a little snow to turn on. My daughter handled things a lot better than me, as usual.
We actually didn't even go up to ski...power was out at our house, but on at our condo. We came home today after our annual Santa's Village pre-Xmas trip and found that power was on right up to our neighborhood. Now I'm worried that the crews won't come back to fix our little line until they're on their way back from the more rural areas.

Pretty big let down after seeing lights on all the way up to our street. I know there are gobs of people still out and they're rushing help to where the most people need it, but crews must have been within about 1/10th of a mile of our problem.
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It's not ice unless it's clear enough to see a fish through it.

Stop whining. It's unbecoming of a Bear.
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I went up to Jay Saturday to find 10-14in of fresh waiting for me. It was a little heavy, but not so much that it would slow you down. There was an audible crispiness on top, but it wasn't anything that needed "breaking through" and all in all it was really fun snow! Almost everything was open, and it was easy to find untouched lines all day. It was worth the drive!
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