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TR: Stowe 12-12-08 Pics

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I had a great time at Stowe today meeting and skiing with fellow Bears. We are here for the Epic Ski Academy two-day ski clinic that starts tomorrow morning. If you do not know about the clinic and are curious, read about it here: http://esa.epicski.com/

Stowe received about 7-10 inches from the storm that clobbered the North East yesterday afternoon and last night. My poor wife called me this morning to give me the bad news that our house and much of our County has no power due to downed lines. The storm was great news for Stowe, and great timing for the ESA and me, however, because it allowed Stowe to open a number of trails for the first time this season.

The trail conditions, weather and lift service were a mixed bag today. At 7:45 AM, light rain was falling and it was 28F. This was very discouraging for the powder hounds that were waiting in line for the lift to open at 8:00 AM.

Lift line at 7:45 AM at Fourrunner Quad

The light rain caused a thin crust to form and made the snow like oatmeal. The conditions slowly improved through the morning, however, as the hoards of snowboarders broke up the crusty snow and the rain turned to snow.

Around 10:30, I met fellow Bear, Buzz Jones, at the Quad lift - the only lift open to the top of the mountain. Just as we were about to get on the lift, it went dead and could not be restarted without it vibrating wildly. The lift was closed shortly thereafter. We did not wait around to learn the fate of the poor people left on the lift.

With the only high speed lift out of service on Mansfield and a huge line at the Mountain Triple, we headed over to Spruce to ski the only run they had open there, the bunny slope.

Some bears hiking up the bunny slope to get their powder fix. The one in the orange coat is Trekchick.

After two runs on the bunny slope, we headed back to the Quad, which by this time was running, but apparently not completely fixed as they were loading every other chair. The first ride up, Buzz and I skied the run of the day - Goat. Goat opened today for the first time this season and was in great shape.

Buzz before descending Goat.

By this time, the wind was howling and the snow was blowing hard. We only got one more run, down Liftline this time, before the Quad chair was closed for the rest of the day.


After lunch, the wind died and the sun peaked out for a little while. I spent the rest of the day skiing runs off the Mountain Triple until the chair closed at 4:00. Hayride was especially good with soft bumps, jumps and crud to add to the fun.


Time now for me to eat dinner and rest up for the big day tomorrow.
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This picture is worth 1000 words

It was tons of fun skiing with you today. Too bad you didn't get my most interesting pic of the day, eh?
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Originally Posted by liv4ski View Post

Buzz before descending Goat.

Contemplating whether this choice of trail is a good idea... or maybe just freezing my @ss off. That was the coldest point of the day.

So glad we did Goat. It was a pleasure skiing with you Dave. I have to admit, it was a surprise to see you at Stowe. Nothing like last minute planning

Goat, pick of the day.
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