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Stormrider XL or Sweet Daddy???

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Have skied Atomic 10.22 GS (188cm) for a few years now and absolutely LOVE them but I'm not getting any younger and it's time to think about getting something a little more all-mountain friendly ... something that will hold up at speed, hold like Freddy Krueger on ice, still dispatch small-med size bumps like squirrels on the highway, and make the occasional powder/off trail day a pleasure instead of work.

I'd say I'm a higher level advanced, 45 yrs old - 6'2'' and about 200lbs - ski mostly groomed (well ok, mostly between the groomed and the trees) and spend way too much time blasting big turns through the bumps. Haven't skied a ton of powder but would like to, and generally make it a point of avoiding trees.

Interested in the Stormrider XL's and Sweet Daddy's - any opinions (on length too) or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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I have the Stormrider XL's. Truly and awesome ski. Its a "full figured" GS ski.

It just rocks. I feel totally stable. It is a stiff ski but I'm 6'2" 275 so not stiff for me.

Best ski I ever owned.

Can't comment on the other skis since I never tried them.

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Sweet Daddy's are a soft snow ski. They are great in powder and bumps, but too light for heavy crud or spring snow. Ice performance is nil.
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I got the ski the Stormriders about a year and half ago and it was awesome. It was the first ski that I had been on that didn't have race ski dimensions. I am 5'10" 245 lbs and I skied them in a 174 and they were a lot of fun. Now I think maybe I should gone up a size though.
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Thanks for the replies, sounds like the Stormrider XL's might be the ticket. I can grab a pair of 174's pretty cheap - wondering if I should pass and find some 184's instead ... any thoughts??
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Find the 184s. I am 6'1" and 175 pounds and I ski the 184s. The 174s will be way too short for you. Not sure where you're at, but the Alta ski shop had a pair of last year's XLs, 184 cm, on sale for $460 the other day. You can also check out Denver Wholesale skis on the web. I've bought Stocklis from them before and they're a good shop.
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Definitely the 184. Look for last years model (07-08) they are white with brown and have a cow skull (like the kind you see in a desert). You should be able to find a pair for $500 or less. Sunday river sports had them go to the stockli website and look for dealers.

Call until you get a good deal.

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I ski the XL in a 164. I'm 5'3" and 135lbs. It's the best ski I ever owned, but if I had to do it all over again, and perhaps I will, I would definitely go for the 174. So, as the posters above, I too recommend the 184s for you.

My wife skis the the Sweet Daddys, and likes them a lot, but I agree with what skier219 said.

The XLs are pure excitement on-piste, and I feel perfect for the off-piste conditions found here in the Northeast. The Sweet Daddys are rather boring, in my opinion. Of course that is what my wife likes best about them- they make her feel very comfortable. She does drag out her old carvers, though, when the conditions call for better edge grip.
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