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sox, teixiera?

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happen, dammit.



the thought of that guy in that lineup...whew.

i don't know, all things being equal - like years and dollar bills - i gotta wonder how a guy from maryland, who's felt the fenway vibe, would opt to sleepwalk through the rest of his career in...anaheim?

come on, man!
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Ryan, been on this for years.....Tex would absolutely rake at Fenway. He'll hit .340 or better at Fenway, no doubt in my mind.

Really, he's the only thing out there that I want......I don't see any of the pitchers left being even the equal of Masterson.....and I am not ready to throw Bucholz out yet....sawx messed the kid up last year screwing up his release point.

Sawx have so much pitching it is almost unfair.

I like that

Sabathia is a horse, but we don't need him, Burnett can't stay on the field.....been there with Lowe and Sheets is shakey healthwise too.....

Sign Tex....bring Varitek back at short money.....play ball!

BTW, good site in case you missed it....

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