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Hey dchan--that's great! With the knowledge you have, your skiing ability, your natural inquisitiveness, and all the experience and insight you've gained from being on the other side of the student-teacher relationship, you are WELL-prepared! You'll do great.

One warning--I suspect that this has already occurred to you--remember that few students are as motivated and eager as you are. The passion for learning that you show up to a lesson with will probably be something you will have to inspire in others. Inspiring passion can be the entire goal of a lesson, rather than developing some particular technical aspect--even if you "know" that the technical change would help the skier. You can get to that later--once they want it passionately!

I've seen many avid students become frustrated teachers when they discover that the "average" student is much less motivated than they are.

Anyway, have fun. I second what Ott said--keep us posted. Daily reports! I look forward to your insights and observations.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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DrGo: There is no objective proof that Elvis was ever on skis! Can you back up your claim with photos?
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Good luck, Dchan!! Lots of great advice in this forum. My 2cents worth:
Ask the supervisor who the best instructors are, then shadow, shadow, shadow, either as part of the group, or just standing to the side.
One thing to learn ASAP is safe class handling, especially if you get large groups of lower level students.
Some cliches:
Remember, you are not teaching skiing, you are teaching people.
Safety, fun and learning. Make that your teaching mantra!
Leave your expectations in the boot-room, discover what your guest's expectations are.
Get your guests involved in decision making.
Try, and it will damn hard, to avoid the Park and Bark syndrome!!. Figure it out, if you dont know what I mean.
Remember, you are responsible for your groups, so, set limits for behavior, skiing and movement around the mountain.
A trick I use. As I leave the boot room, there is a mirror where we can check our appearance. As I look at the mirror, I say to myself "It's Showtime!!", put on my game face and head out.
I well remember my first time out--it was very intimidating, but I guess I conveyed an air of confidence, 'cos I got 2 request privates from the group!
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Shawnee is an indian name, I did not know indians skied either!

What is the vertical there 5 - 6 hundred feet?

No karate chops now, Elvis was into that, or was it the ARMY in him?

My time with PLAYBOY tought me many things and I had the pleasure to ski with several really interesting people. However Elvis had already left the building.
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