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Volkl Bridges

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I ski mostly in Maine at Sugarloaf and someother mountains. Right now I have some k2 apaches that work pretty good but only have a 78 underfoot. MY friend has the bridges with a 92 underfoot and can go anywhere with ease at the loaf. I am 5"11' 210 lbs and an almost expert skiers. Would these be good skis for me?

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being a North East skier myself, mostly around VT, a fatter ski like that may be kinda useless. Its a great all mountain ski when theres pow, but the north east gets good pow so rarely, your better off with something better for all mountain thats less powder focused. I just got the Fischer Addicts for a great price, they have a narrower underfoot, so they carve well on the groomers that cover the mountains of New England, and can handle the type of powder we get with ease.

I dont have any direct experience with the Bridges, but i have been looking around for weeks for a good all mountain ski (settled on the Addicts). Maybe the Volkl Ledges? those are like the skinnier brother of the Bridge.
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The Bridges aren't too fat for the NE. The side cut makes them very manageable. I like the Line Prophet 90 better. They will really rail a groomer and float in powder. You already have a 78 waisted ski for hard pack, so go with a fatter ski.
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So what do you think would be a good width? I do a lot of backcounty type skiing as well as on groomers
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Here's my 2 cents. I recently spent a lot of time searching for new skis and ended up going fatter than I thought I would.

I found that on paper (or computer screen) skis with big dimensions intimidated me, and I wrote them off. Last summer I was considering the Volkl Bridge like you are. I ended up fondling the Bridge (92mm), Gotama and K2 obSethed (both 105 underfoot) in a ski shop and realized 105 isn't that big. On a whim I went for the Gotama.

I'm an intermediate/advancing East Coast skier & I've been skiing the Gotama's every day with no problems (133-105-124) .
I'm primarily a woods skier but I've skied them on ice and bumps and do not feel limited by their dimensions whatsoever.

The twin tip also helps, I've noticed it's sort of a cheating mechanism for turn initiation in the trees. The Gotamas really provide a fantastic amount of stability for me.

I strongly believe that 92mm underfoot WILL NOT give you any problems if you get the correct ski length. Even in 1-2" of fresh/chopped powder I bet you'll notice more float than the Apaches give you. You may even want to consider something wider since you already have a 78mm ski to back you up.

My advice is: don't be afraid to go fat, and demo if possible.

Note: I haven't skied the Bridges but you'll find reviews if you do searches here or on TGR. I'm also a different build than you, being your same height but 135 pounds.
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Edit... just noticed you said you do a lot of backcountry. I think you should shoot for something 100-110mm underfoot. You'll still have the Apaches for days when it hasn't snowed recently.
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^Well said. You won't want to go back to the k2s after skiing something wider.
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thanks for all this help. what do you think about the volkl mantra? Anyone ski(ed) them?
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The mantra is a pretty stiff ski. It requires a little more skill and effort to produce the same kind of turns as a bridge. They have the same construction as the bridge, but with a later of metal. I prefer the Line prophet 100 to the mantra. It has a little more float, but still skis well on a hard groomer.
Also if you want to save some cash, the Line P100 is the exact same ski as the Karhu Team 100. That is the version I got and it was about $180 less than the Line @
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