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X-Team Targhee Clinic 2008

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Once again Grand Targhee delivered the goods right before out X-Team Advanced Ski Clinic 2008. We have been going to Targhee every December since 1992 (mybe 1991) and we’ve never been skunked. It was close this year, though. Last Monday we were on the phone with the resort and they were not sure they could open up the Dream Catcher quad by the weekend. That would shut us down. But, with a good forecast and twenty five people signed up, we went for it. Coaches were myself (Eric DesLauriers), Dan Egan, and Dean Decas. Matt “Moo” Herriger (TGR shooter) and Dean’s Swedish Muppet, Natalie, were on video.

I skied Jackson Hole on Wednesday on man-made snow off Apres Vous chair. It was good. I felt like I was back home in Vermont, snow guns and all. It was a nice 1700 feet (more or less) of hard packed, frozen granular of pure vertical. My first runs of the year….it felt good to get out and arc some fast turns.

Wednesday night it snowed 4 inches in Targhee and it made all the difference. The Dream Catcher opened for us (as promised) on Friday (Day 1 of the camp) and we were the first skiers off the summit this season. We skied fresh powder all day!

Then the cat-skiing started for us on Saturday and we were the first out off Peaked Peak as well! Shallow powder. It was awesome. Great to get the year started with friends.

What an incredible environment for our three-day X-Team Clinic. What a blast we had. Great people and, once at the Ghee, great early season skiing made this another absolutely fantastic event for everyone.

On Sunday night it was just starting to snow when we hit the sack and on Monday(12/8) morning, for those who stuck around for another day, we awoke to foot of cold fresh snow in the parking lot!! Oh yeah, total boot-top freshies all day long. Wow! What a change from the green-land (I mean Lake Tahoe) which I left the previous Tuesday.

I really believe that Grand Targhee offers the most consistent early snow skiing in the country. And it’s “snow from heaven, not from hoses”. Nothing better!
Eric D.
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I'm really looking forward to coaching at the 2009 Epicski Academy in Aspen/Snowmass! Hopefully we'll get conditions like above. Aspen sure was skiing well last year and it sounds like things are shaping up nicely this year!! Gotta love it.

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Nice pics and it sounds like you guys lucked out with some snow. Maybe by early next week we will have some coverage in the Green land.
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Does Not Suck.
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Nice. I love Targhee.... when you can see the next chair ahead!
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Hey Cirque,

Thanks. Waiting for snow here in Tahoe as well, but tonight might be the night!! We'll see. It's coming in fast and high but hopefully will settle by Saturday night and Sunday.

Targhee is a perfect place to start out the winter. Perfect pitch and slopes to ski powder and get the body back in ski mode.

It came together again. Really jonesing for more pow!!

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Saw you guys & said hi.

Hopefully by seeing these pics riders will understand what it means for "early season conditions" at GT.

BTW, who was on the red Mantra's and sprayed the group in the line at the bottom of DC?


P.S. Remember, I was the one that was downstairs in the Trap the day the cornice dropped.
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Hey Harkin

That was quite a shot of John and Dan Egan, it was John who made the turn on the falling-away cornice. What a moment. Thanks for writing, maybe next time we can make a run.

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