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Boeri Customer Service......

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Has been lousy for me.

I digress.

Last year I purchased a Boeri Tactic Carbon helmet. I really like the fit and weight of it, and I feel that it was worth the cost.
At some point I lost the little tab on the back that controls the airflow exiting the hemet. I can still control it, but I can no longer just reach back and slide it open or closed with my gloved hand. Very inconvenient now that I have to take it off to adjust it.

So this fall I sent then an email explaining that It is a simple thing and would they please send me a replacement tab. No response.

I sent another email a few weeks later saying the same thing. No response.

Another few weeks go by and still no response so I call them. I spoke to the person who answered the phone, and she takes all of the information and says that she will talk to the sales\customer service dept and see if they will send one out. If not, she states that someone will call me back in a day or two.
Three weeks later, no part and no call back.

So I stop by the shop where I purchased the helmet. I tell the salesperson what I need, and they call the Boeri rep for CT. He doesn't answer so they leave him a voice mail. I am told that they will call me as soon as they hear back from the rep on the part.

That was almost week ago, and they haven't heard back from him yet.

So should I send the helmet back to Boeri for a fifty cent part? Keep hassling them on the phone. Or just keep bothering my local shop?

I'm discouraged and disgusted at this point.

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That is lousy! I hope they will come through for you but it is already too late for redemption IMHO. I will be glad to boycott their products and speak ill of them if the opportunity arises. Thanks for the heads up! Maybe if we trash talk them here a bit and forward a link to this thread to their corporate headquarters it will get somebodys attention!
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I'm expecting my tactic on Monday. I also ordered an Omen from tramdock as an alternative. The tactic fit great in the shop, but another I tried on in the same size didn't fit as well (but the one that fit was a hideous pattern so there was no way I was buying it). Unless the tactic in the mail fits perfectly, the above makes me more likely to go with the Giro because I know their service is good.

Also, how's ski sundown doing? I used to instruct there. From Simsbury originally.
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I just got out of the shower and what should be on my cell phone but a voice mail from the shop saying that I could pick up the part this afternoon.

I wonder if someone got an email with the link from this forum, and that's why I got such a quick response.

If so, then there is a lot of power wielded with our words.

Thanks to those wh gave me their support and help.


PS: Ski Sundown is supposed to open this weekend, with as much snow on their terrain as in Southern Vt. I've yet to ever ski there though.
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It's not bad as a warmup mountain - it's slightly "Steeper" than many mountains with as little vertical as it has. Tons of snowmaking, as you might imagine.

It's an ok place to work on fine technique - and the bumps are always so hard and terrible that if you can learn to ski them well, you can ski pretty much any bumps anywhere

Prices are a bit out of control this year though. Unless you're close it's not worth a trip, but living 30-45 minutes away it was a great place to tune my technique up.
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