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At last!!!!

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After more than two weeks of taking in from north and south and everyone and their cousin I decided I couldn't no more.
So, this morning instead to wake, get up and go to work, once in my car, I turned it towards the mountains, nearest hill at 37 km.
Well, to say it all, I had in mind to go either yesterday or wednesday
but...the hill was closed due to too much snow falling!!!!
I cannot understand these people, they've been starving for snow
for years and once it's there, they keep the hil closed!!!
Anyway, this morning I decided, despite the miserable weather, it would have been a "ski or bust!" day.
Took my new Nordica Hot Rod (2006 model, THE Birthday and Christmas present from my family, review to come) 178 cm and off I went.
the drive was worse than a dayly commute to work, traffic clogged roads, a normal condition since the road I had to travel is still the most used to reach the Valtellina of 1984 World Championships memory. Once I entered the motorway all went better, is to be known that recently a fast motorway has been cut into the hills to reach the Valsassina, my destination...
First surprise...parking is not free anymore...2€ fee for a weekly whole day, damn, I'll buy a morning pass (17 €) anyway, main purpose of today ski trip is to test myself, my legs and my heart, and the new skis, since is the first ski day of the season.
At the base of the cable car it was raining..."mmmh this doesn't bode well, let's hope that at the top it will be snowing" I thought.
Once on the hill I realized that in my haste to reach the destination I had forgotten my camera. Oh well, a picture-less TR, hardly evening news material, ain't it?
Now, snowing it was but, due to the relative high temp (8must have been 2-3 Centigrades above zero) it was a wet, damp snow falling off the sky.
Second surprise...the lift operators did not close the chair if unused...imagine, wet snow laden chairs...akin to sitting in the pool...
I'm not a "pussy" I'd gladly ski in bad weather to have my "fix" but to sit on a wet (understatement, there was a film of water on it) it's a bit...
Ok, at last the top of the first run..."cautiosly ski down Matt, don't overdo, these are totally different skis from your old and trusted P40 (198 cm) take it calmly to get to understand how they behave...mmmh. not bad skis, oh, the snow is really soft, let's go over there where it's ungroomed and see how they float..."
once on the soft grooomed snow again "let's try that leg steering things that was bein discussed and of which I saw the video at Epic"...
"mmmh, fallen into bad habits, have you, Matt?" (talking to myself while noticing that my arms were moving a bit too much for my liking and that I had a tendency to lift the inside ski tail, albeit almost unnoticeably from an outside observer)
Two runs, "ouch this chairlift too it's soaked wet, who cares anyhow? let's try that flat run served by the skilift"
Well, I went on and off from soft groomed snow to heavy un-groomed snow just to see how the skis were doing.
Short turns, long turns, straight on the un-groomed (yes, being heavily wet it was also "slow" snow allowing me to straight-line in the "fresh")
Back to the first chairlift, mmmh let's try some one leg skiing
"Wow" I thought "I can do it! again" Was it because of the new skis, relatively shorter WRT the old ones (I guess I could have one leg skied those too, but at a considerably faster, and thus unsafe for me and the people around me, speed to have the shovel bit hard enough to turn the ski) or because i finally dared again?
Anyway, after a fet test runs I went to the longer and more difficult (relatively speaking) run down Valtorta...
Weatherwise it was not different...rain at the base station and snow at the top station...the snow was soft and wet, lot of people were skiing the trees and offpiste but I didn't dare, my "Heart-Rate-o-meter" was giving worrying signs of high frequency (156-160 if "pushing", doc said not to go beyond 130 when exercising)...So I took it calmly, a "jump" here and there and railtracks all the time, trying to breathe regularly and keep the speed as slow as possible...
well, the time went by fast and I had reached the time to go home (half a day only, remember?)
Okay, uneventful commute home...but I kept feeling my bottom cold...ouch, water had soaked my clothes till my slips!!!
Everything is on the heaters now, let's hope that it will all dry for tomorrow.
Yes, tomorrow I plan to "hit" Madesimo...
A spoonful calls for another, isn't it?
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I know Trek, I know...and what's worse, I had an horrible night and woke up so tired that I had to postpone my second spoonful of the season (plus it's raining like hell here)
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