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The intelligencia of Crooks!

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OK, this one is great:


Any identifying tatttoos? Well, in fact, yes.....

Note to criminals: Do not lie to police about your name when your surname is tattooed on your neck.

Darnell L. Frazier, 25, did just that ... uh, well, he tried to do just that early Thursday on St. Paul's East Side.

According to the police report, an officer stopped two men walking in the street at Forest Street and Minnehaha Avenue. One was "evasive" about his identification, telling the officer he had never had a photo ID. He said his name was Darnell Lewis, spokesman Peter Panos said.
The officer, however, noticed that the man had "Frazier" tattooed on his neck.

Frazier was arrested on four misdemeanor warrants, including driving after license revocation, driving after suspension and no proof of insurance.

All I can say is ....
Well DUH!
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There was a guy convicted in Franklin Twp. NJ last week.

Robbed a bank.

Caught because he wrote the note on one of his old checks.

Sounds like Darnell may have a long lost brother in NJ .... Darnell and his other brother Darnell ???

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