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This Weekend in New England?

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I am planning to do a Long drive from New Jersey Tonight to ski on Saturday. I saw that some places got some heavy snow last night into today. Does anybody have any idea of how the conditions will be tomorrow in New England? Would it be worth it to go to Jay Peak or any other places? Anybody else going?
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I'll add to the question - anyone have any info on the conditions at Killington today and projected conditions for tomorrow? Mount snow and Okemo didn't mince any words about the mixed crap they received last night but killington is reporting 10" with a power outage. I'm worried that means the 10" was complete slop.
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I think all the southern areas got at least SOME mixed stuff this morning, Jay did not. They are reporting over 12 from last night, and it's still snowing. I'll be there tomorrow... will you?
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Well I am thoroughly sick of living in Boston. Jay Peak is just too far for me to drive up for the day tomorrow. Maybe I can make it to Sugarbush without driving my self crazy. (Pun intended)

Hopefully someone can come through with some personal experience with Killington conditions today.
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I think everyone got some freezing rain in the mix. Jay Peak is reporting 12" but that's *" from last night and 4" from Wednesday PM. Sugarbush is caling it 7-8" of powder but I know they got some freezing rain on top of the snow. It is snowing up north right now but I think it will only be good for another inch or so.

We were supposed to drive up tonight but my son is sick. Killington is reporting up to 10 but is having icing issues and working to thaw out some lifts. I would head north of there. Be interesting to hear from the gang up at Stowe. Keep an eye on the ESA thread before heading up tonight.

Just checked Jay's site and they do mention some breakable crust. However, the Jay cloud may be kicking in and they could get another 6-8" by Saturday AM. MRG is opening tomorro and they list current conditios as "crusty powder". Jay may well be the place to go.
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If it keeps snowing today I may leave the kid at home with the wife and drive up tonight. Probably sleep at a cheap motel in White River Jct. and drive the final hour or so in the AM.
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Sugarloaf did NOT fare too well. 4" of new snow and I am guessing here.....900,000 Tons of rain!!!

I ain't skiing tomorrow.

It's kinda funny. The Sugarloaf forum has a weather thread.....some of the skiers are hammering on Sugarloaf's forecast. There going right at it.

Beyond that, all the beautiful manmade stuff is topped off with slop. Gotta take the good with the bad, I guess. Weather moves in mysterious ways.
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Originally Posted by JayPowHound View Post
I think all the southern areas got at least SOME mixed stuff this morning, Jay did not. They are reporting over 12 from last night, and it's still snowing. I'll be there tomorrow... will you?
If conditions still look good towards the end of today with a fair forcast, I will definately go. I Got my feet wet for the season with a day trip to hunter a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm wanting more. I also want to warm up more before I head to Kicking horse/sunshine in two weeks.

If you are going and want to hook up for a few runs let me know.
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Skiing anywhere north of K should be nice tomorrow.
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Crank and Dave... I'll be leaving Boston early in the AM tomorrow, and hopefully be on the first tram if they run it. Give me a call if you want to hook up and take a run. 978-270-7208. Leave a message if you don't get me.

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I decided to sit this one out, unfortunately. If there was another 10 or so inches involved I would be getting in the car right about now, but I didn't want to leave my sick kid behind and also piss off the wife.

Have fun up there!
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Hey, I'll Be getting in the car, taking a couple of naps on the way up.
I My number is 908-227-3338
I'll be wearing a blue marker jacket, black pants and black helmet
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I leave tomorrow. Probably about 3:30. I'll be on the first tram, and probably hit the red after that... Green/Gray puffy coat, gray pants, Green and Yellow Karhu Jak Team Editions (alipne) and rental poles.
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Jay, Did you make it up to Jay?
I skied from 9:00 to 2:30 then drove back to New Jersey. Tram was on hold for about half an hour. Pretty darn good for Mid December. It was my first time at Jay Peak. The glades lived up to their expectations. I'll try to post a report and a couple of pics in the trip report thread in a couple of days
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