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NewSki for New Times.

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Hello all,

First post here and I must admit I'm already addicted to the site. There is just tons of information and knowledge here, and to be honest, I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all, but very thankful equally.

I haven't seriously skied in a about 11 years. I joined the US Air Force, and as a result, I wasn't able to ski much at all during this tenure; I got out maybe once a year since I've enlisted (only when home visiting family/friends). I was an avid skier of seven years before then and got out 15 times a year; sometimes even more and sometimes less. I just loved skiing and enjoying the fresh brisk air!

I started skiing when there was no internet, there were no demo days, equipment was expensive and and I had no money (it's still expensive and I still have no money). Boots weren't a science, and skis had no shape.

I first learned to ski from the top of the mountain and made things happen from there. No lessons and no instruction. I do think I'm a pretty capable skier and can make my way down nearly any slope without endangering others or myself. I realized that there are levels of capability provided by this great internet and would place myself as a solid six+. I can ski Diamonds w/ice, I can hit bumps while looking way off balance, and can look like a pro on the blues and greens.

So with that said, I want I new ski! And, I want one that is much better than the 205 cm plank from 1990 that I have had in the past; it did it's time and it definitely time for it to go as I read more and more about todays skis. I want to re-learn in the park for my re-entry would like any suggestions for a new newschooler....

So here's the rest of the criteria for sizing purposes:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190 without gear
Age: 32

I like firm boots and I like responsive and quick turns on demand. However I also want to experiment at the park. Soooo....for my giant question...

Which ski type would you suggest, not which one, but which types would fit the bill? Would you suggest a two ski scenario; one for experimental park and one for groom?

I don't need the newest of new technology and don't mind buying used/leftover skis. I'm just trying to figure out if there is an ideal ski that can be a beat park ski and a good groomer at the same time with out having to demo and wreck too many.

I've read so many reviews and from the amount of skis available today, I have no idea what I want..... Size wise, probably 175ish and not sure if a twin tip is a good all-around ski for me.

Overall, I just want to get back out there and have fun doing whatever. I don't care about looking good, I don't care about what color my ski might be. As long as my boot fit well, I'll be happy.

Thanks in advance to all who read this.

Kevin Van Bochoven
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I see another PE thread starting with suggestion containing these words, "twin-tips generally ski short, so go longer."
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Originally Posted by MSUBozangelas View Post
I see another PE thread starting with suggestion containing these words, "twin-tips generally ski short, so go longer."
I hadn't even gotten to the end of the original post and PE's started dancing in my head.

Find a good bootfitter, get good fitting boots. After you've done that, get some skis. I see no reason that a good all mountain twin wouldn't be a good ski for you. Anything new and shaped will blow your mind, get a twin and you can have your mind blown backwards.

To the OP, we need one more vial piece of info my man. What region and what type of snow? Do you like the untracked stuff or are you gonna just cruise the groomers?
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I learned to ski on the east coast, many trips to Shawnie, Blue Mt, and Camelback in PA.

I skied on a lot of hard pack groomers, went off trail a few times, would hit small jumps. I never went on any exhibition or anything..... Now, I've been relocated about 2 hours away from Tahoe and Squaw Valley offers free lift ticket to active duty military, so I guess I will do most of my skiing there and probably Boreal, Northstar....

I looked at the K2 PE and similar skis; I wanted a ski length of 175-185

Anyways, thanks to this website, I decided on the Head Monster 78's at 177cm. Should fit the bill for me and if I feel the need for anything else park wise, I might just pick up the cheapest leftover I can find.

I also purchased a pair of 2007 Tyrolia/Head Rail Flex RFD14 to go with. Now I'm torn to let the Recreation Center at the base mount them or do them myself. Or, maybe on my first trip to Tahoe, a shop there can mount them for me that morning without waiting very long?

The dude at the Rec center really scares me as I don't think he's ever mounted anything with a rail involved and really looked like a very out of shape old man that's never even been on skis.
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