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Center Mount question?

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Alright, so i have been skiing on normal carve skis my whole life (im 16, 13 years of skiing). Recently i have got into all mountain and park so i got some twin tips for a great deal. They are Fischer Addicts and they are symmetrical. i have skied twin tips before, but im pretty sure they were not symmetrical and i dont think they were center mounted.

So i got these skis for all mountain, where should i get them mounted? Center? i have been told that not mounting them center will make them preform worse. but also, a center mount is for park more than all mountain...

So where do i mount it? its LOOK PX12 bindings on Fischer Addicts.

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Center mount symmetrical TT's. That's where they'll perform best. Very few TT's are symmetrical however. If they suck, have them re-mounted back about 2-3cm. Each person will have a different experience, but I've found when twins are mounted closer to center, they are more fun to ride, although their deeper snow performance is lessened.
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i went with 1cm back from center, i figure thats a good comprimise
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I probably would have done the same thing. Let us know how it works.
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that ski is designed to be skied mounted dead center. it is meant more for park, but 1 back isnt a bad thing for more all mountain. i would have chosen a different ski for more all mountain purposes, but the mounting choice sounds accurate.
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My Mojo 80s (111/79/105) have a 9 cm difference between the center mount and "all mountain" position. I split the difference and put mine halfway between the two. For my purposes it is working out quite well. For a symmetrical ski, I'd say center would be the recommended spot. Anything more than about 1 cm back would probably behave strangely.
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yeah, i would have gone a good couple cm back if they werent symetrical, but since they are, i heard a lot about them preforming best at true center, so i only went a cm so i could kida get the best of both worlds.

im new to mounting skis really, my first new pair that i put together (found bindings and all that). how do i know if they mounted it right? there is a mark for dead center, how could i tell if its a cm back? they seem dead center, but i mean a cm is small...
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Look to see where your mid-sole mark on your boot is compared to the mounting line on the ski. If they're right in line, you're centered.
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OOOO, so the boot center should be a cm behind the ski center... got it

uh oh... the boot center is a little bit in front of the ski center... wtf?!?! did the ski shop actually mount it an inch in front? someone confirm this, and then i will bring it back and flip a shit at them, get the remounted and all free and in a day, because thats unexceptable... i knew they looked funny

alright, its hard to see but heres a picture, i tried to point it out best i could. tell me what oyu think. its more like 1.5 centimeters
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Top sheet graphics could be off, boot center could be off. You should measure them before you go off on the shop. With that said, be courteous, and tell them your concerns. Let them explain how/why they arrived at that point.
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everything matched up, i used a measuring tape, not exact obviously, but about the right size. it all seems to be done right by the manufacturer, so now i think i do need to go in
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