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Marker Mrr Bindings

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I have a set of Marker 1500 Mrr bindings (turnable heel piece)that I took off a pair of skis I did not like and am thinking about remounting on a new ski yet to be determined.

Disclaimer - Did a search without finding much useful info

I know marker bindings are the subject of much controversy but these are practically new and currently indemnified.

They have the biometric toepiece.

Question is, are they a decent binding for active use?

Thanks in advance.

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The heel pieces are really nice...
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I'm a fan of the MRR
I have them in several variations on different skis

Here are the 1500 version on my P40's

So mount them up and have fun
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I liked the manual ones a bit better. However I like them on other peoples skis so I could knock them off in the lift line.

Yes, I was in junior high.
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Best use....door knockers on a cabin.
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Originally Posted by Mr Hazmat View Post
Question is, are they a decent binding for active use?
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Thanks All!

Interesting variety in the replies.

RossI, your picture depicts the binding perfectly.

I guess I will mount them up again. Maybe the new Kastles??????

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sure, if you can't find a LOOK turntable they will do
watch the heel piece (the part your boot actually steps on) for cracking/breakage....
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Not a fan of the step in MRR at all. One of the main pluses of the old MRR was weight, that benefit was lost with this design.

Mow, if you need a home for these, I would be glad to add them to my wall of fame.
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